KPLB Accelerates Projects Of Public Interest In Rural Areas For The Year 2022

    The Ministry of Rural Development, KPLB, has set a target of 2022 as the year to expedite each of its rural development projects.

    Its Minister, Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid, stressed that KPLB needs a paradigm shift in its work process to avoid taking too long in the implementation of the project so as to affect the interests of the people.

    “Now is the time for us to think about the world of digital technology, how can we speed up the project implementation process, how do we want to do, now we can’t do, everyone says now we can’t do, so how do we want to change this paradigm.

    This is a new challenge for us to speed up the process and God willing, we can deliver to the people better if we can all think, because we want to enter the new year, we want to enter the RPII (Rolling Plan 2) of the Second Malaysia Plan. 12. ”

    He said this in his speech at the KPLB 2022 New Year Mandate Ceremony here today.

    Also present were KPLB Deputy Minister I, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad, KPLB Deputy Minister II, Datuk Hasbi Habibollah, KPLB Secretary General, Datuk Ramlan Harun, heads of agencies and KPLB’s top management.

    Mahdzir explained that all KPLB members need to move as a team to realize a paradigm shift to avoid continuing to be in the same cocoon.

    “So how do we want to achieve it, of course we need a task force that can really deliver to achieve it, I think we are all in a team either in the ministry or in the agency, in the Infrastructure Division, People’s Welfare, technical team or in MARA, FELCRA, RISDA, JAKOA, KEMAS or in the regional agencies of KEJORA, KETENGAH, KESEDAR, PERDA and also KEDA in Kedah. ”

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    He also envisioned for KPLB to further improve its achievements by placing a new tagline which is Rural, Extraordinary.

    He said the extraordinary achievement could be achieved by KPLB based on the success of implementing development expenditure of more than 99 percent last year.

    In his message, Mahdzir also said, KPLB has a mandate in the field of education, namely Early Childhood Education and Technical and Vocational Training Education, TVET.

    “It is time for all relevant ministries to sit together in a task force to think of an Early Childhood Education 2.0 plan to better suit the needs and developments of the current world. Among them is the upgrading of KEMAS Kindergarten Teachers with a Diploma to a Bachelor’s Degree. ”

    For the field of TVET education, Mahdzir explained, KPLB TVET institutions need to avoid too many duplications of the same courses and not in line with the needs of the job market.

    “We do not want the problem of students taking courses and then getting a certificate but not getting a job. We cannot take a stand that we only want to fill educational institutions but cannot meet the needs of the industry. ”

    Also touched on the increase in internet access in KEMAS Kindergarten schools which will also enable the surrounding area to benefit.

    “We have to think outside how we want to do, how we want to collaborate so that we can, at least we can increase connectivity in KEMAS schools throughout the country.

    KEMAS schools have 11 thousand, there is no need to take 11 thousand, if we have 5 thousand connectivity, there are already many places where the villagers around can use that connectivity, there are methods and there are ways, we just have to have a little effort outside the rules. existing, if we think the existing only we will not be able and the community will be left alone in the countryside, explained Mahdzir.

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