How Much Does The ‘Below Deck’ Cast Earn?

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    Below Deck has been keeping Bravo fans entertained since its debut back in 2013, and the drama has only gotten bigger and better. Since the show’s start, the Below Deck franchise has expanded with an array of spin-offs being featured on Bravo including Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Mediterranean, and now Below Deck Down Under.

    In addition to taking spin-offs to the next level, the series has also taken the yachting experience to new heights, too. With known names such as Kate Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Hannah Ferrier making headlines for years now, many fans are curious as to just how much Bravo pays its yachties.


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    While the show costs an arm and a leg to produce, it seems as if the cast isn’t paid as much as you’d think, especially when you take into consideration Bravo’s Real Housewives salaries. So, just how much does Bravo dish out to the Below Deck cast, and who is the richest? Let’s dive in!

    Bravo Pays ‘Below Deck’ Much Less Than ‘Housewives’

    When it comes to Below Deck, there are various roles on the show that make the yachting experience one that is so worthwhile. You’ve got the third, second and chief stew, deckhands, chief officers, the chef, and of course, the yacht captain.

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    Salary totally depends on your role, however, according to Slice, second and third stews make about $5,000 a month, and up to $50,000 a charter season, especially if they move from yacht to yacht.

    As for the chief stew, which has been Hannah Ferrier, Kate Chastain, and Daisy Kelliher in past and current season, they can make up to $6,000 a month and $75,000 a charter season.

    For the sake of the show, the cast doesn’t work full charters as filming would become too difficult, however, they still earn a decent salary.

    The chef makes quite the pretty penny as well, earning as much as $7,000 to $10,000 a month and up to $95,000 a charter season. When it comes to the highest-paid position, that’s where the captain comes into play.

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