Your shop is empty of buyers, here’s how to attract them!! – Your Store is Quiet Buyer, Here’s How To Attract Them !!. Welcome back to all friends, how are you today?. This time, we will discuss about the type of buyer.

    What is the meaning of the word buyer?

    According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, Buyer means “people buy”. For example, buyers of expensive clothes are only filled by elite people.

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    Every human being has different habits, including nature, and routines. It affects the way they behave as buyers or consumers.

    As a trader, of course you have to know how to communicate with them in carrying out a promotion.

    This is done so that the message in the promotion can influence buyers. In response to a marketing communication that we do.

    Regarding all of that, let’s look at the types of buyers and how to attract them:

    Your shop is empty of buyers, here’s how

    1. Potential Buyers

    These types of buyers are, those who have never bought your product at all. Their edge has the potential to make its purchase.

    For example, in online stores, they follow your shop, and even visit your website.

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    That’s actually your focal point, because they don’t have the possibility to buy your product yet. Even though I have followed your promotions.

    Well, the interesting way you can try to offer discounts. In this way the buyer is likely to be interested and buy.

    2. Loyal Customers

    This type of buyer should get your attention, and give the best service to the buyer. Because this type of buyer does not focus on the price you provide, but makes a claim product as a product requirement.

    As for the way to attract them, pay more attention to the buyer. So that the buyer will feel appreciated, and will continue to be connected to your store.

    3. Lovers of cheap prices

    This type of buyer is a buyer who makes purchases at minimal prices.

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    Customers like this are very easy to attract. Save all the promotions that you make in various places, so that it can be easier for them.

    4. New buyer

    Finally, this type of buyer is a buyer who is buying your product for the first time. This type is very special because there is a potential profit for you.

    It would be nice, if your customer has already bought, then give your contact and respond to the complaint. That way, the buyer will be interested in buying your product again.

    The final word

    That’s our discussion about Your Lonely Shop Buyer, Here’s How To Attract Them !!. Hope you like our review this time, Thank you.

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