Women victims appreciates work done by Cyberabad Bharosa centre

    Hyderabad: Cyberabad Bharosa centre recieved significant applause on their WhatsApp number by women victims who appreciated the good work done by them.

    “Bharosa” –Support Center for women and children has been supporting women affected by violence, in private and public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace. Aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of abuse will be provided with integrated assistance through police as well as medical, legal, and prosecution services along with psycho therapeutic counselling apart from relief and rehabilitation as per the victim’s requirements.

    Apart from this, the Bharosa team counsels the children who are victims in POCSO cases with the help of clinical psychologists so that the incident shall not impact their future psychological wellbeing.

    The Cyberabad Bharosa center was set up in October 2018 with support from SCSC and is instrumental in handling various cases.

    Complaints were received from women victims through different means like WhatsApp, email, local police stations, direct walk in, and through the women help line phone number-181 through Margadarshak & Sangamitra of SCSC.

    All complaints have been acted upon and disposed off on merits.

    De-addiction workshop is being conducted at Bharosa Centre, Cyberabad for the families affected by alcoholism, where women were being harassed by their alcoholic husbands.

    Case counselling at Bharosa

    • Case will be studied by counsellor.
    • Individual counselling will be given to the petitioner/ complainant by counsellor.
    • Call to the respondent/opposite party from Bharosa.
    • First combined counselling will be given by counsellor.
    • Depending on the case history, next date of combined counselling for reunion purposes will be given.
    • If more counselling sessions are needed, session dates will be given or else the case is closed by undertaking of the respondent for reunion or refer to police station/ refer to psychologist /legal move by divorce / maintenance.
    • Remarks will be entered in the Bharosa application for closure.

    Bharosa centre requests all the women and children suffering from sexual harassment and sexual assault or any other atrocity to approach the Bharosa centre by sending whatsapp messages to the mobile no:

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