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    Will Indiana pass a “trigger law” if Roe v. Wade is cancelled? – Pasi Blog #Indiana #pass #trigger #law #Roe #Wade #cancelled #AVDuke #News Welcome to Pasi Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

    CHICAGO (SCS) — As Illinois doubles on promises to keep abortion legaldespite the Supreme Court, a larger issue looms in Indiana.

    CBS 2’s Chris Tye reports from Hammond where if Roe v. Wade is upset, insiders expect a special session at State House to determine what’s next for Hoosiers.

    Many conservative states have what is called “trigger lawsin those states and the laws would make abortion illegal if Roe v. Wade were struck down from the books.

    If and when it is overturned, laws come into effect to make abortion illegal almost immediately. Indiana is conservative, but has no trigger laws. But insiders said that could soon change.

    An Indiana professor said she was surprised the laws weren’t already on the books.

    “That surprises me. Indiana also has a pretty good idea of ​​the political consequences of certain laws.

    Indiana, with huge chunks of rural and urban areas, is a red state, but not dark red. In Indiana, abortion is legal until 22 weeks.

    Will a ‘trigger law’ go into effect in Indiana?


    There is no “trigger law” on the books prohibiting abortion if Roe is overruled. Insiders said lawmakers may feel the political freedom to add one, during what they believe will be a special legislative session this summer.

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    “Indiana sees this as a more complicated issue than other states with different economic consequences, different personal consequences, different medical consequences. And it’s taken a more reasoned line so far.”

    Indiana University law professor Jody Madeira points to conventions that skip states with hyper-strict abortion laws as one of the reasons for less stringent rules.

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    The last Pew poll on abortion in Indiana is seven years old.

    *43% of adults said abortion should be legal

    *51% said it was illegal

    *6% said they didn’t know

    “I don’t think Indiana would be a difficult state to pass legislation significantly restricting or ending abortion rights,” Madeira said.

    Tuesday is primary election day in Indiana. In Illinois, as they plant their flag deeper as a pro-choice state, it’s very likely that if Roe v. Wade is canceled and Indiana decides to tighten those rules, the corridor between Indiana and Illinois will likely be more robust.

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