Who Was Dawit Nega & Cause Of Death? Popular Ethiopian Singer Dead, Last Video CCTV, Funeral Obituary & Family!

    The world is constantly losing many gems on daily basis. One after another many death news has been reported which brought tears to our eyes and now one more name is added to this death list. Shockingly, most of the death is related to the music industry. One more singer named Dawit Nega has recently passed away and his fans are upset after hearing his sudden passing news. The fans are crying after hearing the sudden passing of their favorite singer and wanted this news to be fake. But nobody can change this truth and the singer is actually not between us. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Dawit Nega Death Reason

    As per the report, a famous Tigrigna singer named Dawit Nega has been handed away. The late singer was admitted to the hospital 3 days back at Addis Hiwot Clinic. He took his last breath in the Ethiopian capital named Addis Ababa. His songs were quite famous amongst the people and they will surely miss him. The people are keen to know about his sudden passing. As per the sources, he lost his life after battling a long illness. His death really brought a shock wave to his fans and they are missing him badly.

    Who Was Dawit Nega?

    The late singer launched his entire album, Axumwit in Tigrinya. His most famous singles include Chokolata, Baba Elen, Ajokhi Tigray, Zewidero, St. Tsebaya, Wezamazi, and Desibeleni’lo. Not only amongst Tigregna, but his songs were also quite famous among non-Tigregna speakers. He was one of the few Ethiopian artists who represented his country on overseas music platforms for example Coke Studio Africa. His music videos were quite famous and got over 40 million views. He created or presented his songs among the new generation of Tigray artists that mixed modernity along with the culture.

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    Dawit Nega: Wikipedia, Biography & Age

    Nega’s musical impact has direct many young Tigray artists who are passionate about their music and wanted to represent throughout the world and wants to dominate the music scene. Many of his admirers and music lovers collected at Addis Hiwot Hospital in order to show and express their grief. Prior to his passing Dawit Nega’s final work was titled “Gezana”. Talking about the marital status of Dawit, he was wedded and he leaves behind his son after his sudden departure. The death news of Nega came as a big shock to his admirers who are expressing their mourning

    Dawit Nega: Funeral & Obituary

    And condolences on social media platforms. Naty Yifru wrote on his Twitter account that “the wonderful Dawit Nega, handed away after battling with a long illness.” He further added, “One of VERY FEW musicians who represent the music on International stage #Tigrigna sound, partnering with @cokestudio, the wonder musician Dawit Nega, handed away after struggling with a long illness that made him bedridden for almost 1 year. May God give rest to his soul.” Several other Ethiopians are showing their sadness on social media. At the time of the writing, the last rituals are yet to be revealed.

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