Who Was Dani Hampson & Cause Of Death, X-Factor Star Tom Mann Girlfriend Dead At 34, Funeral, Obituary & Children’s!

    Everyone wants a partner in their life with whom they can share everything. Love is the purest thing ever but imagine the pain of a person whose love is no more between him. Imagine the pain of a person whose most special day turns into the saddest day. One such person is going through the pain as he lost her fiancee on their wedding day. As per the latest report, Tom Mann the star of X Factor has been left saddened and devastated after the tragic demise of his fiancee named Dani Hampson. Tom was part of the band named Stereo Kicks which was telecasted on the ITV show and disclosed that the mother of an 8-month-old kid was handed away at the age of 34 on the day when both are ready to tie the wedding knot. Dani was handed away on Saturday, 19th June 2022. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Dani Hampson Death Reason

    Tom has been shattered and wrote a saddened post on his official social media account in which he disclosed: “I can not believe I am penning these sad words by my love Dani- my whole world, my best pal and my everything and the love of my life handed away on the day we are getting married. She took her last breath on Saturday morning, 18th June 2022. What was supposed to be the happiest and most memorable day turned into the worst day which will never be forgotten? The day brought extreme heartbreak to us as I lost her and my son lost his mother. I feel like my tears turns into an ocean.

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    Tom Mann Girlfriend: Age, Funeral & Obituary

    We both were always together and you were my whole world and the best gift that I ever got, Danielle. I will surely wear our wedding right as it is the symbol of our unconditional love.” He further continued by stating how both decided to bring up their son together but now he is alone and he will take all the responsibility for their son. He stated that “I am sad and extremely heartbroken attempting to process this and I really do not know where to go but I promise you that I will look after my son and provide everything to him though

    Dani Hampson: Family, Instagram & Wikipedia

    I can take your place of yours in his life I will try my best…I will attempt to discover peace in your comments and messages, but as of now, I am devastated. The fans are feeling sad for 28-years-old Tom and wanted to know the cause of her tragic death. As per the reports Danielle served as the publicist, and she did not have any health issues and her cause of demise is not known. Thousands of people are paying tribute and sharing their condolences. We are also extending our condolences to him and may God give rest to her soul.

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