Who Was Bethan Lloyd Owen & Cause Of Death? Breast Surgeon Ian Peterson’s Wife Dead, What Happened, Children’s!

    Many of you might have known about Ian Peterson, the surgeon who was jailed for performing surgeries on women even if they do not have any problems. His wife’s name is Bethan Llyod Owen. Bethan was also from the same profession, unlike Ian she was genuine about her medical practices and performed surgeries on women who had breast cancer. Bethan was a breast cancer nurse who was loved by everyone whether it be her patients or colleagues. Sadly the pure soul passed away and is no longer in this world. Let us know more about Bethan and her life and why was Ian jailed? Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Bethan Lloyd Owen Death Reason

    Bethan was a nurse who used to perform surgeries on women who had breast cancer and she cured many women who had the disease. Unlike her husband, she was appreciated and loved by her patients. Every patient that she cured appreciated her for her nature and the effortless work she shows in her profession. Her friends, as well as family, are mourning the death of Bethan. The way with which she treated her patients and her warmth is appreciated by everyone. She is the wife of Ian Peterson who was a butcher surgeon and performed surgeries on women. Let us know more about Ian.

    Who Was Bethan Lloyd Owen?

    When on one hand Bethan was appreciated, Ian, on the other hand, was put behind the bars for performing surgeries on women who doesn’t even have cancer. In general, he used to perform surgery to save women from cancer but greed took him away and he started to perform surgery even on women who don’t even have cancer. He carelessly used to perform surgery on women who had no clue about what is happening to them. A man who used to work for him busted his scandal and said that Ian told him to perform surgery on a woman who didn’t have any problem and after the counter questioning Ian, he was scolded by him.

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    Ian Peterson’s Wife: Funeral & Obituary

    Ian is currently captured in jail for 20 years and he was in jail since 2017. Speaking about Bethan and Ian’s children there is no relevant information about them in the media. Also, the cause of Bethan’s death is also not mentioned as of now. But many of her patients and the staff are mourning her death. AS Ian is still in jail maybe her children will carry out her funeral. When Ian was removed from Spire healthcare hospital, the empty vacancy was given to Bethan and she did wonders for her patients. She was supposed to be in her 50s, but as the death news came recently nothing specific has been released.

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