Who Are Zeus & Chienna Filomeno?: Couples Video Got Viral On Social Media

    Chienna Filomeno is a Filipino actress who’s inflicting controversy on-line. Aside from acting, the actress could also be a model and an Instagram sensation. In the Philippines, the actress works for the Kapamilya channel. Some netizens just lately threatened her and demanded that she expose a problematic video of herself. A lgbtquu threatened the actress and demanded that she supply a video of herself with hashtag member Zeus. Zeus is a member of the hashtag, an all-male dancing crew. A loopy price was made towards the actress, with the threater claiming that they witnessed the incident in the ABS-CBN parking zone.

    ZEUS SCANDAL VIDEO WITH CHIENNA FILOMENO Leaked & Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit

    Threateners revealed and intimidated the actress, claiming that they knew what took place in the ABS-CBN parking zone with her and Zeus. Chienna was additionally stored out of the disaster by means of her supporters, as each and every famous person has fanatics who, in the event that they reinforce them, don’t have to fear about anything else. Her supporters stepped ahead and took keep watch over of the scenario. Her supporters taunted the threater, telling her to show her face if she had the braveness to discuss up. On Instagram, the actress has a big following of over 2 million other people. She could also be a cosplayer. She additionally enjoys riding race vehicles.

    Despite the incontrovertible fact that the actress and Zeus paintings in comparable fields, they are connected via a video, albeit a leaked video. Yes, a CCTV film was launched on the web, and the video’s release sparked a hearsay. The video featured best the two of them playing time in combination in a automobile. This video went viral on the web and gained so much of certain comments from each of their fanatics. Zeus Collins, like Chienna, is well-known for his making a song and dancing skills on tv shows.

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    Zeus video scandal involving Chienna Filomeno has long past viral

    Many other people misinterpreted the video, due to this fact the two have been mailed. They are drawn into the combat by means of their famous person, as any abnormal person would not obtain such consideration. Despite the incontrovertible fact that she was secure this time by means of her fans, she might face further threats merely for sitting in a automobile with Zeus. Every different famous person is despised for being observed with different celebrities. And if their fanatics turn into enraged, somebody will without a doubt take motion, as took place with Kapamilya actress Chienna.


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