What Happened To Dom Phillips Brazil? Is He Dead Or Alive? Veteran Brazilian Journalist Death Rumors Hoax Reason!

    Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereria who were out in the Amazon forest on Sunday went missing all of a sudden and police are still investigating. While investigating the forest, police found human remains that were suspected to be the missing persons but they were given for medical examination. The police are investigating the two mentioned from which, Dom Phillips is a journalist from the UK and on the other hand Bruno Pereira is an indigenous expert, the two of them were out in the forest along with a boat and lots of fuel. Let us know more about the missing case. The forest was near the Atalaia Do Norte in the remote location of the Amazon rainforest. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Is Dom Phillips Brazil Dead or Alive?

    According to experts, the examiners are carrying out tests to examine the organic material found nearby the river and apart from that blood was also found in a boat. The fisherman of the boat was taken into charge and blood samples and the blood of the fisherman was taken for testing. Police are suspecting everyone who was around Dom and Bruno. The two men that are missing were threatened for carrying out activities like illegal fishing, drug, logging, mining, etc in the woods. Police on the other hand are investigating and are really hoping that they will find the two men alive. Apart from that finding them in the Amazon forest will be a huge task as the forest is widespread.

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    What Happened To Dom Phillips Brazil?

    The two men who were planned about their journey took a boat and fuel along with them for the journey. Speaking about them, Dan was 57 years old and Bruno was 41 years old and they have written books together, like Guardian and the Washington Post. The two are experienced in their works and are planned before taking any step. Dom’s partner Paul Sherwood and sister Sian have said that the police have found remains human which is a shocking thing, and they are suggesting that something scary and sinister is happening. They also said that the two were threatened and there might be people who were named in that area.

    Dom Phillips Brazil Death Rumors Hoax Reason

    They are hopeful about them but as the evidence and human remains are getting collected the family is losing hope and saying that something unlikely is happening. The fisherman who was suspected in the case hired a lawyer who said that his client is not involved but things are turning crazy as the lawyer himself abandoned the case and is missing from appearances. Many others were questioned during the investigations and according to the sources, 250 members of the task force are trying their best to find the two men. The Brazilian government is not impressed and said they are not trying, even though there are boats, drones, and many men in the forest searching for Dom and Bruno.

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