What Happened To DJ Kerozen? Accident Serious Injuries Photos and CCTV Footage Video Explained!

    Recently, a piece of news has been circulating on the internet that, DJ Kerozen had got a serious accident, and he got serious injuries or has been hospitalized. This is news is gaining huge attention from the people. This news is surfacing in a speedy manner. When people got shocked after knowing about his serious injuries. This is very sad news for his loved ones. His condition was very serious and critical. Netizens started to search about it. They are hitting the search engine to find all the details about the news. Here are several things to tell you about the news, you will find all the details in this article. Let’s continue the article.

    The pictures from an accident site were allegedly posted on the internet claimed that involve DJ Kerozen and claimed that it caused him serious injuries and he has been in a critical condition. This news has surfaced on the internet very speedily. A source on Twitter reposted that the incident happen when he was coming back from Yarko for the Drogba campaign. The post, which is getting viral, added that two Range Rovers are not in defensive condition.

    What Happened To DJ Kerozen?

    Additionally, the damage is serious, which shows whoever was involved in the accident suffered from injuries. It is also explained that he had been under treatment, however, looking at the IG-handed post many hours ago. It seems to be very original and relatable. However, though news media did not discuss the viral news, whenever did not they get confirmation of the report.

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    Furthermore, it was only just a rumor only for grab the attention of people. They are already praying for his safety as they think he is going through medical attention. Several are commenting on the post hoping everything is alright. The rumor has been surfacing in a speedy manner. The public trusted the viral news, it was a shock for the DJ Kerozen.

    Still, his death news has not been declared by any official source. So it is believing as a rumor. We just pray for good health. We are hoping that he would be safe and fine. Nothing occurred with him. The news is taking place with solid surety but the accident happened and he got injured and hospitalized at the right time, and news has been circulated speedily without any solid proof. We are hoping for the best. Stay tuned for more updates.

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