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    What Did Cardi B Say At Met Gala 2022 After-party? As Rapper Cocaine Joke Gets “Twisted” – Pasi Blog #Cardi #Met #Gala #Afterparty #Rapper #Cocaine #Joke #Twisted # Pasi Blog Welcome to Pasi Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

    Cardi B hosted the Met Gala after-party in 2022, and she made a “joke” about cocaine that has backfired.

    Not only was she chastised for her comments, but she was also linked to fellow artist Billie Eilish, with some speculating that the two were feuding.

    Cardi B slammed the rumours and clarified her Met Gala after-party “joke” shortly after.

    What did Cardi B say at the after-party of the Met Gala 2022?

    Cardi B is seen standing on top of the bar in a viral video from the Met Gala after-party.

    “Make sure you get your beverages, make sure y’all do your little lines,” she is overheard saying. Whatever the hell you’ve had to do. We’ve got to crank it up a notch. “I want everyone to get up and dance!”

    The rapper’s remark about “small lines” went viral, and many people mistook it for him endorsing drug use.

    Cardi B has since admitted that the whole thing was a joke.

    The rapper is disappointed because her joke was “twisted”

    Cardi B went live on Instagram on Tuesday, May 3 to clarify her remark about ‘small lines.

    “As a hostess, I make one joke because I’m hosting a party, and it gets misconstrued,” she explained. “Why can’t every star play around and say slick s**t?” you might wonder.

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    “I’m exhausted.” I’m no longer able to be myself. Anything that will be shared on social media will always be negative.

    “If I could click my fking feet three times and return to fking 2013, when I was just a regular bitch, dancing and getting money every night, that’s where I want to be.” She explained, “That’s when I was me.”

    Cardi also stated that she does not live by the “complete go by the book, must watch what you say, gotta watch what you do” approach.

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    Cardi B and Billie Eilish have no bad blood

    Fans observed Billie Eilish exclaim “so odd” after Cardi B made the cocaine joke, which drew extra attention to the video from the after-party.

    People quickly concluded that Billie’s remark was directed at Cardi, and that there was animosity between them.

    Cardi, on the other hand, silenced them by posting Instagram audio snippets of the two, in which the latter is heard clarifying that her “strange” remark was made in response to those desperate for photos with the after-party host.

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