WATCH: Mass Shooting At Buffalo Supermarket In NY Video Viral On Social Media, Who Is The Suspect?

    A shooting occurred in Buffalo, NY, where 10 people were dead on spot and 3 were hospitalized because of injuries. The shooting occurred on Saturday afternoon at the Top market place and there were people out there. Many people gave out statements and police as well were devastated to find the harsh scene in the marketplace. Thirteen people were shot at the market place from which 3 were injured and were hospitalized. The shooting was taken out by a teenager merely 18-year-old. The teenager broke into the marketplace allegedly in his car and entered the place by shooting the people in the parking area and then entering the place and shooting many others as well inside the marketplace. The boy drove several hours just to shoot people at the Buffalo marketplace, as said by the police. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Mass Shooting At Buffalo Supermarket In NY

    The guy was Payton S. Gendron, 18 years old, who entered the place and then shot the people in the marketplace. The guy was also live-streaming the video by wearing a camera and most probably he was live streaming on social media., as said by the buffalo police. Many people and the Attorney himself said that it was a hate crime and was generated to shoot black people. Attorney even said that they have a piece of evidence that had a racial component. The guy when entered the marketplace armed, and then he shot multiple times. He was stopped by the security officer of the market place who was a retired officer from the buffalo police department. The officer shot the guy and tried to stop him. But the guy countershot him leading the security officer to death.

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    Mass Shooting At Buffalo Supermarket In NY Video

    There were many people who witnessed the incident and they gave the statements from their side. One of the workers from the marketplace Shonnell Harris said that the guy entered the marketplace armed and she heard nearly 7-0 shots and then when she ran she saw the guy wearing camouflage. She also gave out that the guy looked like an army person. The Mayor of Buffalo said that they haven’t seen anything crucial like this before, and were sad that it was hurting and seething as a community now. Some other suspect named Katherine retired police officer said that she was on her porch and that she was playing with her dig and saw the incident from Riley street.

    Who Is The Suspect?

    She said that the guy firsts shot a woman entering the marketplace and then another woman who was placing groceries in her car. He then broke into the marketplace. I bent down in fear of getting shot she said. The guy was taken into charge and then later that evening he was taken to trial. The guy was merely a teenager who was about to turn 19 the next month. Trails were held against the guy and charges were laid for killing 10epeople and 3 getting injured. Many were heartbroken by the hate crime the guy committed.  

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