WATCH: Karen Ruining Neighbors Wedding Event Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & TikTok!

    A video on the TikTok platform is getting viral. The video is actually from a wedding event that was ruined by the neighbors from across the street. Many people are sharing the video, and the video has got a lot of views as of now. Speaking about the video, it is of a wedding and the moment was getting happier as the bride walks in but it was all ruined by the neighbor’s interruption. Many netizens criticized the neighbor across the street as the person across the street ruined the whole moment. Let us know in detail what happened and why the video was shared and viewed a lot of times on the internet. Speaking about the video, it was uploaded by a TikTok user named, vampyric, where the user shared the video and captioned the video saying, that when the bride entered the event and she walked down the aisle, it was when the neighbor decided to start mowing the lawn. The user said that eth entrance and the whole vowing were interrupted as the neighbor was mowing the lawn and the guests were not able to listen to the vows. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Karen Ruining Neighbors Wedding Event Video

    The user also captioned the post saying that the Karen neighbor was yelling at them while the function was ongoing and the whole event was ruined because of that Karen neighbor. While in the video, it was showcased that the neighbor was mowing the lawn and the event was interrupted by the loud noises of the machine. The video which was uploaded on the TikTok showcased a sweet couple getting married and taking vows, it can be seen that the couple were having their special day celebration in the backyard of their house. The backyard wedding was all ruined because of the lawn cleaning machine sounds and the neighbor yelling when the bride started walking down the aisle.

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    Karen Ruining Neighbors Wedding Event Video Explained

    The video of the neighbor interrupting the wedding was shared initially on TikTok on the 11th of June 2022. The video until now has got above 350k above views which is a huge thing. The comment section of the video is filled with hilarious and anger-filled comments and views. While the guests from the wedding also commented on the video saying that one of them went to the neighbor and asked to stop the work for some time but they said that the neighbor was not a friendly person and she was not listening at all. Many people commented saying that the woman was doing all of it on purpose just to ruin the special day and the wedding itself. People on the TikTok were angry at the woman who was spoiling the wedding with her mowing machine.

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    One of the users commented saying that the woman was doing it on purpose and many others were just disgusted by the actions of the woman in the backyard. While some were supporting the woman in the backyard saying that getting free and expense less can get heavier. While some people mocked the woman in the backyard saying that the woman should have listened to what the other said. A user said that he would ring the bell of the woman who was lawing at the time of the wedding at 3 am every day and for eternity. Some discussions from the comment sections clarified that the couple had no dispute either before so that the woman can do this to ruin their wedding. Some people sympathized with the bride and said that her best day was ruined by the loud noises.

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