WATCH: Augusta Mall Shooting Today Video Went Viral CCTV Footage, Who Is The Suspect, Name & Pics Revealed!

    Several calls were received b Richmond police and the County Sheriff said that the shooting occurred at the Augusta Mall. According to the sources, there was no one harmed during the shoot and there is no sign of damage and no one was injured or killed. No one can say what exactly happened in the mall. According to the police, there were several calls from the mall that claimed that a shooting was carried out in the Augusta Mall but when the police arrived there was no one in the mall that can predict what happened. Many people who were in the mall heard that a shooting was going on in the mall and after that, they called the police. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Augusta Mall Shooting Today

    As soon as the people heard gun firing all of the people started closing their shops and many of them ran into the parking area to safeguard themselves. The shooting was carried out on the 12th of June Sunday nearly around 2 pm. When the shooting occurred many people were started and then they ran to save their lives. When the police arrived there was one who could say who shot the gun and who carried out the shooting. It was out that no one in the shoot was injured, but the deputies have said that someone might have waved a firearm and the people ran to save their lives. The incident is mysterious as the one who was said to carry out the shoot was still unknown and fled from the mall.

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    Augusta Mall Shooting Today Video CCTV Footage

    Some people closed their shops and some ran into the parking area. Many people called the police on the other hand and were informed about the shooting. According to the police, there was no one in the mall with firearms or guns. Police said that they are carrying out the investigations and soon a report will be out. People in the mall were terrified and some people who are o social media shred the news. One of the Twitter users said, I was in the Augusta Mall today and was picking groceries. I heard the gun shoot and everybody started running away.

    Augusta Mall Shooting Today Suspect Name & Pics

    The shops started closing and people ran into the parking area. Everyone started running immediately and my heart was pounding and I was shaking lol. Another Twitter user said I had no idea where we were running. We ran through the emergency exits in barns and Nobles to save ourselves. The people who were about to enter the mall also said, I was about to enter but I think I saw many of you running away and we ran to the parking area to hide and save ourselves. The shoot details are not out yet, as the investigations are still undergoing.

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