VIRAL Video of Men Praying Tarawih on the Fence of the Musala, Why?

    Viral Video, RANCAH POST – A video that recently circulated on social media managed to get the attention of netizens. The reason is, the video shows the moment a number of men pray tarawih on the fence of the prayer room.

    The video when a number of worshipers pray on the fence is known to have been uploaded by an Instagram account @terangmedia on Monday, April 4, 2022.

    This had to be done because the prayer room was full so they did not get a place like the pilgrims who had come first.

    Even though they don’t have a place, they still want to pray together even though they have to be on a fence.

    “When praying Tarawih but can’t find a place,” write Instagram account @terangmedia in the description of the upload.

    In the short video, it can be seen that a number of worshipers are carrying out Tarawih prayers in the prayer room. The number of pilgrims who came seemed very large even to the point that some did not get a place.

    As a result, those who could not find a place decided to pray on the fence of the prayer room. Even though they are on top of the fence, some of the men seem to be able to perform prayer movements like other worshipers.

    When recorded by someone who was in the prayer room, they were seen doing a prostration movement.

    They have to be careful because the width of the fence where they pray is very narrow. If you can’t keep your balance, you might end up falling.

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    It is not known exactly when and where the location of a number of men praying tarawih on the fence. However, the viral video immediately received various responses from netizens.

    Some feel salute and pray that the men are istiqomah in carrying out their worship. Watch the video here.

    ginger_lawe, “Hopefully there are so many Istiqomah in every 5 times prayer. And it’s not just seasonal at the beginning of Ramadan. Amen.”

    ______musthofa, “They are against Newton’s laws, but refuse to be against God’s laws.”

    gilangwage, “Tahiyat akhir nggeblak nggak tuh.”

    anissahanday, “Min, can you tell me where this location is?”

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    andratukieman, “Tarawih with local wisdom.”

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