VIDEO: Who Was Darius Lee & Cause Of Death, Basket Ball Shot Dead In Harlem Shooting, CCTV Footage Video Viral!

    A shooting occurred early morning in New York City, Harlem where a total of ten people were injured in the shooting. According to the police, eight people were wounded in the shoot, thankfully the police were and the ambulances were on time and everyone responded to the shoot let to rescue of the victims in a hurry. The only bad news was one man wasn’t saved as he wasn’t able to survive the shooting. According to the police, eight were rescued alive and are at the hospital currently. Let us know in detail about the case and what actually happened? Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Darius Lee’s Death Reason

    The shooting occurred on Monday, 20th June and at around 12:40 pm the police arrived at the crime scene where they found people lying around wounded. The shooting occurred at FDR Drive, and firstly five people were found injured at the site, all of them were taken to the hospital and were given immediate treatments. The other four people as well who were shot arrived at the hospital for the treatments. According to the police, the person who died was a 21-year-old young guy who was pronounced dead at the hospital. Among the other people who survived the shooting were six males and two females.

    Darius Lee Death Video CCTV Footage

    Keechant Sewell the police commissioner grieved the situation and while showing the anger and the pain he said that the day was to enjoy father’s day and people were gathered to enjoy father’s day along with their families and they were supposed to enjoy here. As the shoot occurred Monday morning people were enjoying father’s day. According to the police, the suspect isn’t caught as of now, but they are still investigating the case and they are still searching for the killer. The police also found a gun, which was used in the crime, and the reason behind the shooting

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    Darius Lee: Suspect Name & Pics

    And the gathering is still not known according to the police. Commissioner Sewell said while reporting to the police that, the day was to celebrate and enjoy, and while further adding about the case he said that, the person responsible are the ones who are been searched by their officers and that they are working hard each and every day to overcome the shooting and keep the city safe. The men and women who were shot during the crime were aged between 21 to 42. The shooting occurred around 12;35 and the police immediately responded but the shooter fled the crime scene before the arrival of the police.

    Who Was Darius Lee? Wikipedia, Family & Age

    According to sources the people who were shot were enjoying late-night gatherings. The 21-year-old young man who died during the shoot was a basketball player star. Darius Lee was the one who died during the shoot and he graduated recently in 2019. While reporting to the media Darius’s sister said that he was an innocent kid who was pure from his heart and soul. She also said that Darius didn’t deserve all of this. She said that Darius was all about basketball and playing it and how to get better at it.

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