(Video) ‘Porch pirate’ bear steals US woman’s Amazon package

    Almost a one-third of American population have been victims of porch pirates, with so many packages disappearing from their doorstep. A survey showed that an average of 29 per cent of Americans reported having had a package stolen from their porch, front door or mailbox. But have you ever heard of a bear stealing a delivery package?

    Woman from Connecticut posted a video on her Facebook page, of a black bear stealing the box from her home in Bristol and wrote, “This guy just took my package! You think @amazon gives replacements for bear thieves?!?” on the post while sharing the footage from her surveillance camera, “I could bear-ly believe it until I watched my security cam,” the woman joked about the hilarious theft.

    In the video, we can see the unusual offender on his four legs just sauntering across her driveway with the cardboard box in its mouth, moving with ease and taking his time.

    Kristin Levine, the victim further added a little more humour on the post by saying, “Yea so if anyone sees an Amazon package in the Chippens Hill area with my name on it…feel free to bring it back?”

    Many netizens got curious and speculated for the package to be something related to food, because of which the bear was drawn to take it, but Levine’s disclosure got everyone at a hilarious impasse as it was nothing edible but plain old toilet paper.

    According to, in the end, the bear dropped the box from his mouth, damaging it a little with his teeth and the package was returned back to her.

    People on the internet loved the “porch pirate” and how with confidence it took away the package. Making hilarious jokes on it, one of the comments said, “Amazon is coming up with new ways to make money. The driver delivers your package to teach the Bears how to steal it, so you have to buy another one.”

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