VIDEO: Kailyn Lowry Demands MTV Remove Scene With Son


    “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry called MTV out when she saw a preview for next week’s episode of season 11.

    “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry called MTV out when she saw a preview for next week’s episode of season 11.

    The promo shows Lowry driving with her children when 4-year-old Lux says, “I don’t want to play football!”

    But Lowry doesn’t want her son — who she shares with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, to give up just yet: “You need to be there because you committed to it.” She then looks into the rearview mirror so she can look at her son in the backseat.

    The scene that follows is the one that upset Lowry. The 4-year-old is shown running off the football field and into his mother’s arms as she sits on the sidelines. While it looks like Lowry is smiling in the clip, MTV added the audio of a child crying, which made it seem like Lux was crying — per Lowry.

    She was not pleased with the edit.

    “Now y’all knowwwwww that cry/scream was not Lux. Take that s*** out,” Lowry tweeted on April 6.

    Social Media Users on Twitter Sided With Lowry

    Some fans on social media agreed with Lowry.

    “It sounds like a smaller child. You can tell it’s not Lux but I feel you. Shady MTV editing,” one person tweeted.

    “Mtv be doing you so dirty,” another person agreed.


    One person wanted to know if rumors about MTV merging “Teen Mom 2” and “Teen Mom OG” were accurate as ratings for both shows continue to sink. “Anything to help these ratings. Is it true they’re combining teen mom 2 and teen mom OG with the more liked girls? (We’ve clearly missed you 🙃) #TeenMom2,” they said.

    Lowry Filmed Her Fight With Vee Rivera

    On the April 5 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Lowry disclosed she was getting used to MTV’s cameras being around again after she quit filming for three months.

    When MTV returned, Lowry revealed she had gotten into a fight with Vee Rivera — her co-host on their podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama” — after Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, said Rivera had been “deceptive.”

    Lowry, 30, revealed to co-star Leah Messer in a FaceTime call that four years ago Rivera told Marroquin that Lowry was pregnant (with Lux). Rivera also insinuated that the baby Lowry miscarried when they were married might not have been married.

    “Back four years ago, Vee hit [Javi] up on social media and was like, ‘I’m tired of you looking stupid. Let’s meet up — I’ll tell you everything,” Lowry told Messer. “So they met up in the Target parking lot [at] night, and she told him about me being pregnant with Lux.”

    “She didn’t just leak my pregnancy to him,” she said, “She told him, which is a complete lie, that my miscarriage that I had with him may not have been his.”

    In an Instagram stories post, Lowry explained how she was able to forgive Rivera. “We have all done things we aren’t proud of. We have all been in a bad spot in our lives & projected. I know I have,” she said. “If I didn’t/couldn’t forgive & move forward, I would be a hypocrite for wanting people to do the same for me at times in my life.”

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