VIDEO: HANTU DESA MUNING Video Viral, Hantu Di Desa Muning Hantu Jadi Jadian Tapin Kalsel Mengaji Sugih Full Clip!

    A video is getting viral on the internet and many people are searching for it. The video is from South Kalimantan and the video is gaining a lot of views and attention. The place South Kalimantan is in Indonesia and the video getting trendy. The video is about ghosts cited in the houses of South Kalimantan. The videos of a ghost getting spotted are getting viral and people are curious about what is happening in South Kalimantan. Let us know more about the video and what actually happened in south Kalimantan. There are many videos on the internet that gain attention and some of the videos are gaining more and more views based on the content it offers. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Hantu Desa Muning Video

    Speaking of which the video of the Ghost encounter in the South Kalimantan is getting viral. The video has critics as well. While on one side, the believers are sharing the video on the other side many people who don’t believe in ghosts are saying that the video is fake and that nothing like ghosts exists in this world. The disbelievers are saying that the video is made just to gain attention. While on the other hand people who believed the video said that the video is real and that the village is cursed. There are many comments saying that the ghost is cited in many houses of the village and a couple from the village were seen standing and doing rituals.

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    There are many parts to the story but most importantly the video uploader and the video owner are not known. Speaking about the video, nothing is known about where the video is uploaded from and who uploaded it. But it is somehow getting shared on the internet widely. Talking about the content of the video a ghostly figure is seen in the video and it is seen getting closer to the one who is recording the video. The ghostly figure is seen wearing white clothes and its face of it is covered, only the homely things are seen in the background.

    And it looks like the video is shot on a phone. Although many are claiming it is fake, the video cannot be judged as the ghostly figure is a bit distorted and unusual. Talking about the video is a bit on the fake and a bit on the real side. Also, the video quality is not so good, and that is the reason why nothing can be said by watching the video. overall the curiosity of the viewers is getting higher by seeing the video and many are stating that the videos are real and the village that is South Kalimantan is cursed.

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