Usher ft. Lil Kim’s Just Like Me Lyrics

    (Lil Kim) You received it happening (what, what) you bought it happening (what, what) Come on, come on Strictly fuck with these 6-digit niggas If the primary one is a (9) they a buck behind I stay my rhyme At the identical time can’t discover myself layin up If you payin up Bullets begin sprayin up you recognize my niggas is sick the sport ain’t sufficient so that you can run up on this I wants stacks of chips you recognize dream home cash, Shit you identical to me so don’t begin performing humorous

    (Usher) Your the type of woman that makes Everybody really feel that your simply so rattling good (so rattling good) But your secrets and techniques I discovered So don’t deny what you’re about I do know the reality, you recognize I do (I do)

    I do know you get lonely Just like me And you need it Just like me But act such as you don’t you recognize you’re identical to me

    (Usher) Quiet is saved you cry for assist When nobody else is there I betcha you contact your self Does it really feel good? Late night time calls, I betcha you do all of it Anything to get it off however you continue to persist to entrance on me Baby inform me

    Why (oh why) can we play this recreation of chase When we all know we each really feel the identical method And why do you place me by way of all these adjustments When you recognize your only a freak like me your identical to me

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    (Lil Kim)

    If I had one want on the planet, I swear to God It can be for women to rock pearls, straight out the oyster Voice your opinion Queen Bee made one million Got mirrors on my ceiling, so I can see it When ya head be in between it, if I had a penis I’d be arduous that’s for actual although, niggas begin shit, I’d simply flash out my dildo, ya’ll transfer too fast Thought I’d be memorized by your cocaine bricks And ya smoke grey six, nigga thought you was a groupie obsessed fan with my image in your hooptie You heard my report now ya know I’m freaky So ya wanna wreck it and ya wanna see me How your desires be, you need me sexual In a gun battle, 2 on 3 I’m subsequent to tug, and I like life Something you by no means may think about, you then woke the fuck up It’s simply rappin’


    Don’t entrance such as you don’t woman you’re identical to me

    Just like me Just like me

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