US citizenship: New bill likely to benefit Indians

Hyderabad: After the passing of the new American Immigration bill, lakhs of Indians are likely to be benefited and can get permanent residency in the US with a green card by simply paying the additional fee.

After the approval of the new immigration bill by the American Senate, lakhs of Indians working in the IT sector in the US are likely to get benefits as they would be eligible for permanent residency in that country.

According to the Committee preparing this bill, there are hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the release of their green cards and their applications are pending for a long and have to be expedited.

In view of the backlog of the immigration applications and the Committee’s recommendation, this new immigration bill has been passed. In case of this bill became law, those wishing to acquire green cards can do so by paying the $ 5000 to get permanent residency in the USA.

As for the EB 5 visa for those wishing to acquire US citizenship and invest there, they can do so by paying the $ 50000. This scheme will be valid till 2031.

Regarding those applications submitted by the relatives of the US citizens 2 years ago, their applications will be expedited with the additional fee of US $ 2500.

The approved bill presented by the Committee in the US senate will take some time to become law.

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