UP’s Muslim youth beaten to death; Appeal to philanthropists to help his kin

    Hyderabad: All India Lawyers Council (AILC) Team consists of Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad, Secretary General, Advocate R Sevvilam Parithi, Vice President, and others with a purpose to gather first-hand information made a visit to the family of late Sameer at town Banat in District Shamli in UP on September 14, 2021.

    The news of occurrences of lynchings, fake encounters, malicious arrests, and prosecution of Muslims are commonly noticed daily. But the killing of a 20-year-old Muslim boy in the marketplace with temerity is very alarming when a few months are left for the elections. It is reported that goons belonging to Bajrang Dal are deployed to attack innocent Muslims and the youth under Hindutva dose, indoctrinated with hate and violence, are used to unleash a reign of terror among Muslims, Dalits, and other vulnerable people.

    The killing of Sameer manifestly seems a result of a conspiracy of terrorizing the Muslim community. It is amply reported in the locality that there existed no personal cause of action of the heinous attack on Sameer for any individual ground. It is also a fact that there are no inimical feelings in the neighborhood as in Muslim-dominated locality Hindu families coexist harmoniously and peacefully for generations. The town has a record of amicable relations between the communities. The Muslim population is only 1/3rd still Muslims had been elected the chairman of town area more than once.

    It is noteworthy that eight years after Muslim cleansing from a number of villages of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli, at the eve of UP Assembly elections, a new pitch of communal battle is being dangerously laid by invisible forces but the parties happened the same that of 2013, all the attackers are Jats and unfortunate victim, losing the life belongs to the most deprived section of Muslims.

    Kin of UP’s Sameer
    Muslim youth
    AILC Team
    Muslim youth
    Muslim youth
    AILC Team

    Sameer has just completed his training as a mechanic and only two months ago he had joined Tata Sales and Services at Shamli. He was relieved early from the job with the purpose to open his Bank account to draw his first salary on 9th of September.

    In the evening at around 6 o’clock, he was caught hold by a gang of Jat youths near Bus stop of Banat at a distance of three km from Shamli and criminally assaulted him after identifying him as a Muslim boy. He was forcibly picked putting him upside down, the attackers turn by turn smashed his skull on the road till he lost his consciousness. Some people came to rescue and rushed him on autorickshaw to a local government hospital in Khudana at a distance of 5 km but there it was advised that as injuries are grievous, the injured be taken to hospital in Muzaffarnagar.

    The relative including Adil, uncle of Sameer, other relatives and neighbours accompanying injured Sameer with a view to fastly procure first medical aid rushed to private practitioner Dr.Khurseed Alam who after examination declared the injured Sameer dead.

    Appeal to philanthropist

    Late Sameer had geared himself up in his early age to bear the responsibility of the family as his father had expired when he was only 17 years old. He got himself trained as a Mechanic to shoulder the responsibility of the fatherless family. His family has four members, a widowed mother, an eighteen years old sister to be married, and two younger brothers studying in classes 10 and 7.

    Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily Zahid Ali Khan and Secretary of Faiz-e-Aam Trust Iftekhar Hussain have appealed to the philanthropists to financially help the victim’s kins as he was the only bread earner for the family.

    Name: FATMA

    Account Number: 31670129612

    CIF Number: 85997561390

    Bank Branch: Banat, Shamli

    The bereaved family after the death of young Sameer has no means of income.The family has no property to subsist. No Official of the Government has visited the family of late Sameer nor any financial aid to the family has been delivered or declared by any agency of the government or individual and organization. The family is passing through very pathetic situations after the death of only earning hand. There is an urgent need for immediate help to the family on compassionate grounds.

    FIR was lodged by the Uncle of the deceased, Adil on 10th September 2021, naming eight accused persons. Three accused persons have been arrested till now by the Police. Five accused persons named in FIR  are still roaming free.

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