UAE citizens still not allowed to travel to India, 15 other countries

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) on Tuesday said that UAE citizens are still not allowed to travel to countries where travel was previously suspended. This includes India and 15 other countries.

The GCAA decision applies to all the aircraft operators conducting flights from/to the and the following sixteen countries are: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Democratic republic of Congo, Indonesia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zambia.

“The UAE government is closely monitoring the situation and will provide further updates and instructions as necessary,” said GCAA in a safety decision.

Citizens who fall into the following categories can travel to the restricted countries

  • Those required for a diplomatic mission or official economic and scientific mission.
  • Those going for an urgent medical treatment.
  • Travellers that are required for an official mission.

Those who are allowed to travel to UAE

Fully vaccinated UAE residents aged above 16 years can travel to the country. The following requirements are necessary for the vaccinated residents.

  • COVID-19 vaccine approved by World Health Organization (WHO).
  • They have taken both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Hold an entry permit issued by ICA or GDRFA as applicable.

Non-vaccinated residents who are allowed to travel to UAE limited to following categories

  • Medical staff working in the UAE including Doctors, Nurses & medical technicians.
  • Staff in the educational sector in the UAE and teachers working in schools, universities and other education institutions.
  • Students currently studying in the UAE.
  • Humanitarian cases (reuniting families with valid resident visa)
  • Staff of UAE federal and local government and authorities; and continuing medical therapy in the UAE.
  • All above mentioned categories shall hold an entry permit issued by ICA or GDRFA as applicable.

Inbound travel from South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has been suspended since April 24, 2021.

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