Top 3 Sitcom Episodes Based Around Casinos

    There are plenty of different forms of entertainment that people all around the world enjoy. One of the main ones is definitely going to be entertainment through the likes of TV shows and films. After all, there is nothing quite like getting immersed in such a thing after a long, hard day at work. It takes no amount of concentration or effort in order to enjoy them. So, with this considered, there is no surprise it is so popular.

    There are many TV shows that people enjoy watching because they are easy to take in. One genre this particularly applies to is sitcoms. Although there is a story to follow, you can dip in and out of a series and not feel completely lost. This makes them very rewatchable as well. Some of the most memorable episodes in sitcoms will feature the main characters enjoying some gambling or being at a casino. There is no telling what kind of chaos might ensue in these episodes, which means they are always worth tuning in for. With that being said, here are some of the top sitcom episodes ever made that are related to gambling,

    The Simpsons – $ringfield

    Springfield is changed as legalised gambling comes to the town. With this new element of the town, Mr. Burns sees a chance to profit. He opens up a casino to try and make the most out of the opportunity. This move directly affects the members of the Simpson family. First of all, Mr. Burns employs Homer as a blackjack dealer at the casino. Then, Marge finds herself unable to get away from the slots and looking to win big. Meanwhile, Bart opens up his own treehouse casino following being kicked out for being underage. The episode is chaotic and entertaining just as you’d expect. If it gives you the urge to do some gambling for yourself, then you should check out to get involved.

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    Friends – The One in Vegas

    When the gang heads out to Vegas for various reasons, chaos ensues. Joey is the first one to head to Nevada to prepare for a movie role that he argues with Chandler about. This then leads to Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe all getting on a plane to Vegas to see Joey. Here Monica must deal with the guilt of spending lunch with her ex-boyfriend Richard. Meanwhile, Ross misinterprets Rachel’s actions when she is walking around her apartment naked.

    How I Met Your Mother – The Poker Game

    There are high tensions between Barney’s mother and Robin ahead of the big wedding day. However, Lily is able to help Barney by giving him advice on how to maintain his relationship with both of them. While this is happening, Marshall and Ted begin to have a dispute about wedding gifts throughout the episode. The episode is a key part of the 9th season and even features a special guest appearance from The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star William Zabka.

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