Tangmo Nida Death case – Ocean of the Invisible– Tangmo Nida’s Death Case maybe at this time we will provide a little information. Regarding the case of Tangmo Nida’s Death.

    And the death of this thaliand actress, tangmo nida, continues. so far because the police have determined that three people are suspects in the tangmo nida death case.

    Maybe one of the suspects, the manomaikrat, aka Sand, finally surrendered himself to the police at the end of last week. And he came to the police office in nonthaburi just after the authorities. Provide the person’s arrest warrant.

    And on his arrival the person was accompanied by his lawyer who was ready to give. guarantee. And Sand was then taken to the police station for interrogation.

    Sand is named as one of the key suspects in Tangmo Nida’s death. Dan sand was the last person with the actress before she fell into the river and drowned and that happened on February 24, 2022.

    And if you feel curious or want to know the sad news. read our review to the end. Because we will always provide very accurate information.

    Tangmo Nida’s Case

    Tangmo Nida’s Death Case

    Before Sand summoned Tangmo Nida, he was already holding his feet on the stern of the speedboat. The beautiful actress Tangmo Nida is said to be urinating.

    And when Tangmo Nida fell, Sand shook his legs so he wouldn’t fall into the river with the Thai actress Tangmo Nida.

    But the police at that time did not believe the man’s story. And Sand’s side must have lied.

    And indeed if it is true he is lying, a sand is not unlikely to get the allegation of having given false testimony to the authorities.

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    Perhaps earlier, the Thai gun committee on human rights, freedoms and consumer protection asked the police to conduct a polygraph test or a lie detector test against the five friends of Tangmo Nida.

    And the police will be asked to re-examine and carry out some aspects of the investigation. And said as chairman of the rifle committee, Somchai sawaengkan quoted from a hunchback post.

    This was followed by a difference in information between five of his friends, the beautiful actress Tangmo Nida, who had been investigated by the police. And somchai sawaengkan already suspected the information given was fake.

    Maybe at that time investigators took statements from the five friends on board at the time of the accident but their testimonies contradict each other therefore we believe their conversation was fabricated.


    Maybe that’s all we can say about. Tangmo Nida’s Death Case for all of you who are curious about the news. That’s all from us, thank you.

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