SUSPECT: Who Is Antwan Brown? Tuttle Mall Shooting Today, Video CCTV Footage Went Viral, 1 Dead, Suspect Pics!

    A deadly shooting incident has been reported inside the mall. As per the latest report, on a Sunday afternoon, 12th June 2022 a deadly shooting has taken place at The Mall which is located at Turtle Crossing. Ever since the news has been reported the people are keen on more information on this case. This shooting once again debunked all the safety measures of law enforcement who always claimed that they are working hard for the safety of citizens. Within a month many shooting incidents have been reported that took many innocent lives and it seems that this chain of death is not taking its name to stop. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Who Is Antwan Brown?

    The people were present inside the mall when the incident happened. Antwan Brown, a 9-year-old was inside the mall when it occurred he stated that “I was so scared and thought that someone was going to come out and they will shoot one of my family members.” Gunshots were heard all over the mall and those who were trapped in the mall were praying to God for their lives. This was the scariest moment for everyone. Cops stated that numerous 911 calls came in just prior to 03:00 PM for a vigorous shooter.

    The police stated that a man shot and assassinated another man in the Sole Stop. Sole Stop is a shoe store which is in the mall. All the witnesses who were inside the mall at the time of the shooting stated that they experienced shots ringing out. Another witness named Dionne Dugan states that “There was a girl who worked in the mall began screaming at that time I was inside the dressing room she began shouting, ‘Shooting! Shooting!’ after that, I hear many people shouting and screaming. The cops have not issued the reason for the shooting yet

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    Tuttle Mall Shooting Today

    But stated that the person whom they believed to be the suspect was already arrested and taken for the interrogation. After the shooting incident, the mall was on lockdown as cops went to one after store to make sure that no other person was engaged. Joseph Albert stated that “This comes up to be a quite isolated incident, comes up to be directed, does not comes up like someone is just open shooting shots in the store. Albert stated a number of customers and employees were inside the shoe store when the lethal shooting occurred

    Tuttle Mall Shooting Today Suspect Name & Pics

    And the investigating team is checking the CCTV camera and possible videos made on a cell phone. Young kids and families were also inside the mall. Brown stated that “Me and my small sibling, we heard multiple gunshots and we informed our mother about it, we watched around everywhere and found that the people are running here and there so we also began running to get out the mall. Police are currently investigating the matter and trying to find out the motive of this shooting. As soon they get disclosed any information we will update this section. Till then be with us and we will be soon back.

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