STAN SHORE ARRESTED: Why Was Stan Shore Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

    Stan Shore who is said to have a car brake firm and is the owner of ACCU-U-TUNE is said to be involved in a Cocaine trafficking firm. The car service is said to be serving over 1 million cars from the time it started which was nearly 21 years ago. But now, the form owner Stan Shore is said to be accused of a cocaine trafficking peddle. The news that came up about the trafficking is according to many sources a rumor but many people are considering it true. Let us find out more about what actually happened? And why is this rumor getting heated up? The rumor is that Stan Shore is said to be arrested in a drug trafficking case and the rumor is spread everywhere. But the rumor is yet to be confirmed by the police, therefore, many people are not sure about what has happened. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Who Is Stan Shore?

    Nothing can be predicted and said as the news yet has not been confirmed by the officials. Apart from Stan, a YouTuber named Paul Tassi is also said to be arrested in a drug case, but yet the news is not confirmed, and a piece of official news from the police is not released yet. There are only rumors and no reliable sources haven’t given any information. In many countries, the drug trafficking charges will be very strict although if the guilty plead, the judges might reduce the punishments and offenses. Despite all these the punishment for many drug cases is really harsh.

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    Why Was Stan Shore Arrested?

    In many hospitals, minimum usage of drugs is allowed for the treatment and the application of it in the treatments, but these are official and are approved by the governments. The usage of drugs in hospitals and medicines has been legalized and portrays and uses the drug in a positive manner, it is in many cases harmless. Stan Short’s age is not known in the media but according to speculations his age is somewhere around the 60s. he has been expertized in loans and business, and is a reputed businessman. He works with California brokers and his LinkedIn profile says that has a real estate business.

    Stan Shore: All Charges & Allegations Explained

    He was responsible for the sale and servicing of 15 vehicle locations. He has built his career and business over 21 years and is a well-to-do businessman in California. The details about his family are not out yet and he has decided to keep it private as he hasn’t revealed anything about his family yet. Until now only rumors about his arrest are out and officials haven’t declared anything. If he is arrested then officials will soon release the news and if not the news might be a trick from his haters to let him down.

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