Sajida Tasneem Cause Death Reason, Perth Woman Sajida Tasneem Killed in Pakistan, Family

    The internet has been found flooded with thousands of shocking posts where it came known that an Australian woman named Sajida Tasneem was axed in Pakistan, by her own father-in-law. The lady has died and the man is booked under several charges. Sources have confirmed that it all happened when the lady was asking to move back to Australia with her children. The woman has allegedly been bludgeoned to death by her father-in-law with an ax in northern Pakistan.

    According to the sources, Sajida Tasneem’s husband, Ayub Ahmed, compelled her to travel to Pakistan with her three children from their home in Perth, however, he later returned to Australia. The deceased’s father Sher Muhammad Khan in a statement to the press revealed that Tasneem’s father-in-law Mukhtar Ahmad allegedly confiscated her passport. Continuing the statement Sher said that Ahmad was constantly forcing her to hand over her papers to him so that she won’t fly back to Australia. However, back in the month (June), Khan forced Tasneem and even abused her physically by putting cloth in her mouth and strangled threatening to kill her father if she won’t obey what he said to her, said Sher in the statement.

    Sajida Tasneem Cause Death Reason

    Well, before talking much about the crime we would like to illuminate some other social points such as why it happens in the society and that too still in today’s modern era, however, there are some organizations working for the betterment of these kinds of brains but still, it is not a new thing because only some cases get justice and only because the cases get leaked on the internet and social media is a hub where authorities start focusing on the crime because then it becomes the talk of the town.

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    Syed Saqlain Jaffer, a police deputy superintendent said, Tasneem perished at the spot just after being allegedly hit on the head with an ax. However, there is no doubt that being hit on the head and that too with an ax is something that people got scared even thinking about and the lady has been through the same so you can take the idea that how could she survive the attack. However, the official has stated that they are looking for other clues such as the presence of other family members on the scene. Although, her kids are now with Khan who is in touch with the Australian embassy which offered its condolences.

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