Riyadh to host international town festival for two weeks

    Riyadh: Riyadh is set to host the international town festival, which brings together world civilizations in one place in an atmosphere of tolerance and peace for two weeks from October 27, 2021, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

    The international town festival venue is going to be held at the exhibition park on eastern ring road, Riyadh. It will allow entry to visitors from 4 pm to 12 am every day until November 9, 2021.

    The festival will witness the participation of prominent countries showcasing their famous landmarks, wonderful markets and folklore songs, in addition to high-end cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious international dishes.

    “The visitor to the festival will have an exceptional experience on a journey full of suspense and passion through time and unforgettable moments,” SPA quoted reporting CEO of the Molhimat Al-Sharq for exhibitions and conferences, Rima Al-Ruwaisan.

    The visitor’s journey will begin from the Saudi market on a scenic and historical journey where the time goes back and forth between past and present, passing through the regions of the Kingdom.

    The visitor will also get a chance to see ancient Najd, Darwaza al-Tumairi, Souk al-Muqaybara among others.

    Al-Ruwaisan said the festival will feature a dedicated charity street called “Molhimah Al-Khair,” in line with the Vision 2030 reform plans to empower women and invest in the youth of the country.

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