Redcliffs Car Accident: ‘Highly respected’ Victorian Police Officer Killed in Crash CCTV Video

    A very shocking and serious accident happened on Kulkyne Way near Forbes Road in Red Cliffs where a police officer and a man have been killed and passed away after meeting with a catastrophic car crash in Victoria’s far north-west overnight while the other officer is still fighting for life in hospital. The Redcliffs Car Accident was too serious and dangerous and harsh by which the persons who were inside the vehicle got seriously injured and a few of them lost their lives after met with the collision and on the other hand, a few of the injured persons are still fighting for the life in the hospital under the supervision of many doctors.

    The police officials and the emergency services also arrived and started investigating the whole accident that happened and occurred on the spot and began rescuing the lives of the people who met with the collision. The whole accident was witnessed by a few of the bystanders and the onlookers and all of them got shocked after seeing this and rushed to the spot to find out what actually happened at the spot.

    Redcliffs Car Accident

    The accident happened on Kulkyne Way near Forbes Road in Red Cliffs at around 10 PM on Friday and according to the statement of the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner named Shane Patton who stated about the accident that the ute had veered onto the wrong side of the road and caused a head-on collision with the police car while a third car rear-ended the police car in a catastrophic accident and in this accident, the 23-year-old male driver of the ute passed away at the scene and has not yet been identified.

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    As per the statement of the police officials, it is stated that Bria Joyce, who was a highly respected 25-year-old female senior constable, was killed after six years on the job after met with the accident and they unmarked police car from the Mildura highway unit and a ute collided on Kulkyne Way near Forbes Road in Red Cliffs about 10 PM on Friday. On the other hand, a highly thought of 43-year-old male leading senior constable, was airlifted to the hospital in a critical condition with internal and leg injuries.

    The police officials are trying to determine how the crash happened and the commissioner named Patton stated that the police officers had been on general duties when the crash occurred. The Redcliffs Car Accident is under the investigation by the police officials who attempted their best to reach a conclusion on the accident, till then stay tuned with us.

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