Premier league fixtures leaked, Premier League 2022/23 fixtures ‘leaked’ online three days

    Premier League clubs have been warned to prepare for another injury-plagued year
    Medical experts say crowded sports can increase the number of injuries.

    Premier League clubs have been warned to prepare for another injury-chaotic season as the World Cup puts players at greater risk.

    Experts believe the crowded season will create “a perfect storm” for players who are prepared to add injuries due to a shortened pre-season and the end of the World Cup in Qatar.

    Premier Injuries research has shown that many of the English outfielders who played in Euro 2020 last season saw a significant drop in Premier League minutes due to rotation or injury, sparking concerns over Gareth’s team wellbeing boosted by Southgate ‘s concerns.

    Southgate is looking forward to seeing how England stack up against “bigger” opponents ahead of the World Cup.

    The impact on these players continues in England’s current run, with Calvin Phillips and James Justin both injured, who have completed four games in 16 days.

    To accommodate the November 21-December 18 World Cup, the Premier League will start a week earlier on August 6 and resume on Boxing Day, eight days after the final.

    Some clubs are requiring players to report for pre-season training as early as June 27, 13 days after England’s international match with Hungary.

    “The research will tell you we’re in danger of creating a perfect storm,” Ben Dinnery, an injury analyst at Premier Injuries, told The Post on Sunday. “I always use the analogy of a bucket under a dripping faucet. You don’t see any problems until it hits the highest point and then it overflows and the player crashes.

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    “Looking at the recovery last season, it wasn’t ideal, then throw in these international games that were smuggled in. The Premier League is a week early and these players really need to leave and recharge.

    “We could see players back on the pre-season training ground in the next three weeks. So players are arriving before the new season and red flags are starting to rise. All of these things can come together, Increased risk of rebound or injury.

    A recent poll by Fifpro (players union) found that almost 90% of players want to limit the number of consecutive games played, while 88% of coaches believe players should not play more than 55 games per season.

    Wales and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale has slammed the “crazy” schedule, saying it was wrong for players like Belgium and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne to be able to play nearly 80 games this season.

    Champions League clubs also play weekly, rather than the usual two or three-week interval, in order to make up all the group stages ahead of the World Cup.
    It’s not just people at the World Cup who are worried, though. Zone7 uses artificial intelligence to advise clubs like Liverpool on how to manage player workloads.

    “Clubs need to seriously consider how best to deal with players staying at home,” said Zone7 performance director Rich Buchanan.

    “They are probably at the greatest risk of injury due to disruptions in regulated training. We often see an increased risk of injury during international seasons when the working assumption is that the normal training rhythm is disrupted.

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    “Will the club stick to their regular training cycle or do something completely different? Finding the right balance is crucial.”

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