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    Photos sent from other applications will usually change the resolution of the photo to be more blurry than the original photo. The solution to improve the quality of this photo can be with Bigjpg apk.

    With the development of technology, there are many websites or applications that help you to improve the quality of bad photos to be clearer and clearer.

    This application is of course useful for those of you who have blurry photos or old school photos and want to increase the resolution so that they can be uploaded to social media.

    Bigjpg com is here as a medium to help you enlarge and improve the quality of your images or photos.

    What is Bigjpg?

    Because currently there are many applications that can help improve photo quality, maybe some of you are not too familiar with Bigjpg.

    Bigjpg itself is an application that allows users to convert blurry or blurry photos into clear and HD quality in a simple way.

    In addition, not only in the form of an application, Bigjpg also has a website version with the official website name being Bigjpg com.

    So, for those of you who don’t want your phone memory to be full because you have to download an application, you can use the website version as an alternative.

    Bigjpg apk uses AI technology to help correct blurry and low quality photos and make them more HD and good quality photos.

    Then, this photo clearing application is not only available for phones with software Android only, but can also be downloaded on iOS and Windows phones (desktop version).

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    In the original version of the application, you are required to pay first in order to become premium and can enjoy the existing premium features.

    However, an alternative if you don’t want to spend money to enjoy premium features.

    Because with this MOD version of Bigjpg, you can enjoy all the premium features available for free or for free.

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    Bigjpg Features

    This MOD version of the Bigjpg application, is a modified version of the original Bigjpg site and application, which can enlarge photos up to a dozen times without damaging the photo quality.

    Bigjpg apk has several advantages and disadvantages which of course benefit its users and are not found in the original version.

    The following are some of the features that you will get by using the modified version of the photo clearing application:

    1. Unlock All Premium Features

    In the original version, if you want premium features, you have to pay first, but this is of course a problem for users who don’t have money.

    By using this MOD version, you can get various kinds of features for free without having to spend money.

    2. Remove Noise in Photos

    When changing the size of a photo, there will usually be a noise effect that actually interferes with the results of the photo and makes the photo blurry and looks bad.

    However, you will not experience any incidents when using this application because the noise in the photos will be lost by using the application.

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    3. Freely Enlarge Images of Various Scales

    Through Bigjpg com or by using an application, you can freely enlarge images with various scales ranging from 2x, 4x, 8x, to 16x.

    4. Can Edit Up To 2000 Photos Every Month

    In premium features, you can only do editing photos or enlarge photos by a certain amount, which is only 40-200 photos per month.

    In addition, you are only allowed to change photos or images that are less than 5 MB in size.

    However, if you install the MOD version, the premium features used can edit up to 2000 photos and can enlarge photos up to 16 times.

    5. No Ads

    In using the free version of the application, there will usually be a lot of ads that interfere with using the application.

    However, by using the MOD version, you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by advertisements while using the application because this version has been modified.

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    Download the Latest Bigjpg Apk

    ai magnifier

    To download the original version of Bigjpg, you can do it via the official website Bigjpg com, or the PlayStore and App Store.

    As for the MOD version, you can download it via a link that is already on the internet.

    How to Install Bigjpg MOD version

    After successfully downloading the application via the link, you can immediately install it. However, usually the link that circulates is usually for Android phones.

    As for how to install it on your phone, you can follow the steps below:

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    – First activate the setting to install from unknown sources in the ‘Settings’ menu of your phone before starting the installation.

    – After these settings have been activated, you can open the MOD version of the Bigjpg file that was previously downloaded.

    – Then, press the Install button to start the Bigjpg MOD application installation.

    – After that, you can use the Bigjpg application right away.

    That’s a complete explanation of the bigjpg application that you can use to clear up your blurry photos, as well as premium features that you can get for free without paying in advance. In addition, how to download and install it is also very easy.

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