Penis Discharge – Penile Disorders – How to Tell, Is It Thrush Or Balanitis By Symptoms

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    Penis Discharge – Penile Disorders – How to Tell, Is It Thrush Or Balanitis By Symptoms #Penis #Discharge #Penile #Disorders #Thrush #Balanitis #Symptoms Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

    Why is there fluid coming out of my penis? Is this gooey discharge like that what Women have? I know it’s not semen, so if it is discharge should I be worried? These are just some of the questions men ask when they first experience a problem of this nature with their penis. Some men even go as far as asking if they are going to die. You need to get the idea of dying out of your head. The chances of you dropping dead because you have discharge is very slim.

    It’s perfectly natural to be alarmed seeing change of this sort, however, all changes are not bad. There is always going to be an explanation why you have an unhealthy penis and more times than not it’s one you’re likely to laugh off.

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    Infection is a popular cause of discharge. Thickness and color is what the GP takes into account before making a diagnosis. If unprotected sex is something you do a lot, you can’t rule out an STD. Discharge linked with sexually transmitted diseases usually shows another color other than white.

    Men don’t often seek help for this problem, but because it can create problems for them in their sexual relations, and when they urinate, they are left with no choice but to talk to a doctor. But then you have the macho man willing to put up with the discomfort because he is too embarrassed to see a doctor, fearing he’ll get a lady nurse. What’s wrong with that, she is there to make you better. I bet there are times in your private life when you’re seriously busy showing off your manhood to the ladies, so there is no difference? Keeping quiet about the matter in hope things will fix it self is not good. If a genital infection is present it needs treating and gone.

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