Northwestern Hospital Shooting Today: Lockdown Lifted at Northwestern Memorial Hospital After Phone Threat

    There is news of a shooting attack is coming from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Streeterville, Illinois, the United States. The news of a shooting attack on the campus of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital is trending on the Internet. Nowadays, this news is roaming on social media networks. People are wondering to know about this incident more and more because the hospital is such a place that must be safe as people get there with the view to getting their medical condition completely cured.

    As per the social media sources, the discussed shooting attack occurred on Sunday, 24th April 2022. Nos sooner did the people get to know about this incident than they initiated sharing this news to such an extent that it has become viral news. As of now, the information related to the injury of anyone is not yet expressed from the side of any of the reliable sources. As soon as we know, the details of this incident were not initially released to the media and public. This news has created a sense of discontent among the people of Streeterville.

    Northwestern Hospital Shooting Today

    As soon as the Chicago Police Department shared the news of this incident, people get to know that a shooting attack has taken place in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Sunday night, 24th April 2022. The Chicago Police Department said that a media mass was set up in St. Clair and Superior street area. Police will probably solve this case as per the reputation of the Chicago Police Department. The media sources got to know about this phenomenon on the same day late at night around 09:30 PM.

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    On the account of this viral news, people are willing to know more about this shooting attack. It is being said that the police have surged the investigation operation on the hospital premises. As far as we know, the news of the injury of anyone has yet not been shared. However, it might be possible that they would have been any injuries and the police would share it shortly after the initiation of the investigation.

    Sometimes, police have to conceal some information with the view to surging a better investigation for better results. More details related to this shooting attack incident will be shared as soon as possible the investigating police officers nor the staff, students, or any other witness of this incident share about it.

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