Moviedle Game is the new movies wordle guess puzzle

    Moviedle Game: How to play the movies puzzle game by watching the short clip and guess

    Many of the users are becoming fan of the Wordle game. The fever is all over the town and the various variations that are releasing are more attractive. We are aware of the new games that are launching and all the game play. So, there is a good news for all the players out there. The developers have come up with another amazing version that includes movies.

    What is Moviedle Game?

    The game name is Moviedle. Now, what is the game all about? In this article we will share all the information with you in relation with this new game, Moviedle. Stay tuned and buckle up till the very end.

    The new version of the Wordle variation is rather interesting as it involves movies. You will be given 6 chances to guess the correct movie. Things will begin as soon as you enter the website. There will be a clip that begins in a countdown of 3. A small video clip starts that is 1 second long. You will be given a glimpse of a movie scene.

    How to play Moviedle game?

    You have to answer the correct movie by just looking at this 1 second clip. If you fail, then you have to proceed in charging one of your chance of the day. Once you lose a life, you will be given another video clip which is rather slow and longer. Now you have to guess the name.

    How to guess the movies name?

    Your statistics are saved, and at the end you can share the details with your friends and family. The game has become famous by word of mouth and continues to gather more and more people. Looks like even this version will make fame in the online ‘le’ fever very soon. Stay tuned with us for more interesting game updates in the coming days. Till then enjoy playing Moviedle and share your feedback in the comment section below. We are happy to share more game updates soon as there will be launch.

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    Keep your day entertained with this amazing variation, Moviedle. It is time to push up and give some exercise to your brain, and brushing to your movie skills.

    One can guess the name of the movie by watching the the clips of the seconds. Also there are the interesting hints to solve the words puzzle for the game.

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