Monkey wears mask over its face in this viral video

Masks have become an essential part of the daily lifestyle of a human being since the COVID 19 pandemic and even animals have started to feel the effects of this deadly disease.

In a viral video now, a monkey is seen trying to wear a face mask it found on the road.

The 27-second clip video was shared on twitter by a former basketball player, Rex Chapman. In the clip you can see a tiny monkey trying to wear a discarded face mask, found on the road.

It picked the mask up and tried to wear it across its face. It tried to walk away but the mask was all over its eyes, rendering it unable to see.

The monkey is then seen stopping and trying to wear the mask again, without much success. The video ended with the monkey utterly confused.

The video has spread like wildfire on the internet with over 1 million views and netizens are amused at the smartness of the animal.

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