Mehak Noor Arrested: Why Was Mehak Noor Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

    The arrest news of a Pakistani star is covering the headlines of the newspaper and the fans are shocked and wanted to know the reason for this arrest. Many searches have been already made and many questions are coming from the side of fans who wanted to know each and every detail of this arrest. As per the latest report, In Lahore, the actress Mehak Noor has been facing charges and her fans are keen to know about the charges. We all know that Mehak Noor always remains in controversy for many reasons and this time as well she is creating a lot of controversies. Let’s find out the reason together. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Mehak Noor Arrested

    As per the latest report, in the city of Lahore, actress Mehak Noor has been charged. The sources are stating that a filmmaker named Sheikh Akram has lodged a police complaint against the actress. Akram has accused Mehak of cheating. He stated that he signed the actress for his upcoming film and the actress signed the film and get agreed to finish the shooting work and charge around Rs225,000. She started working on the film but later on dropped out of the shooting.

    He asserted that the Pakistani actress dropped out of the movie halfway through production after receiving the amount of around Rs125,000. When he called her to complete the film she disconnect her calls and stop picking them up and even ignored his messages. The filmmaker made another accusation that the manager of Mehak was endangering him with death. After a lot of struggle, he finally decided to lodge a complaint against her. This news garnered a lot of attention and police even planned to take action against her.

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    Why Was Mehak Noor Arrested? Reason

    Sheikh Akram asserted in his plea that he has lost around Rs600,000 as a consequence of the failure of the actress to involve in the filming. He demanded strict action against Mehak or she will need to actress complete his movie and return him for his losses. This news stirred the Pakistani film industry and people are waiting for a statement from the side of the actress. However, the actress yet not said anything about this accusation nor any other statement has been released which can clear the picture.

    Mehak Noor All Charges & Allegations

    So far we got to know that the police station where the complaint was filed was Qila Gujar Singh. Though it is not clear whether the police arrested her not but one thing is for sure he is in big trouble and now it will interesting to watch whether she will return the money or she will finish the shooting. The police are currently investigating the matter and as soon as they disclosed anything regarding this we will update this section. Till then be connected with us and we will be soon back with more accurate information.

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