Klay Thompson knocks down a fan during The Warriors championship parade

    Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson accidentally ran over a bystander during the championship parade in San Francisco on Monday 20th June.

    Championship parades are known to get out of control. Hence, the recent celebration was no exception. 

    Here is everything you need to know.

    Klay Thompson knocks down a fan while attending Golden State Warriors championship parade

    During the Monday’s festivities, The Warriors were marching down the street while screaming for them on top of their lungs with confetti in the air. 

    However, during the chaos, Klay Thompson seemed to have tripped and stumbled for a couple of strides until his 6’5 frame knocked down a woman.


    Regardless, some of the bystanders may have filmed the whole incident since it is making waves on social media.

    In the clip, the 32-year-old player can be seen bolting towards the camera before he unintentionally barreled into a fan, who hit the ground quite hard.

    The California native, who was in a great mood quickly helped the woman to her feet. In the video, he appeared to be apologizing to the female before he went on to entertain the screaming Warrior crowd.

    Klay Thompson loses his championship hat and ring

    Klay Thompson has certainly kept us entertained on Monday before and during the championship parade in the Bay Area.

    Hours before his team’s parade, the athlete revealed that his championship hat flew into the wind while he was driving a personal boat to the parade. 

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    The Washington State University alum exclaimed, ‘Oh no! I lost my hat!,’ in an Instagram Story video.

    During an interview with 95.7’s The Game the star said, ‘I did actually take the boat today because it was a perfect glassy day on the water. It’s funny because I lost my championship hat in the wind.’

    He further explained the reason behind his sudden wardrobe change, ‘ I do not condone littering. I tried to find her, but now she’s one with the ocean, unfortunately. That’s why I have the captain’s hat on.’

    The Santa Margarita Catholic High School alum was forced to wear a sailor’s cap during the championship parade after the incident.

    He added, ‘Honestly, I think it was destiny because it fits the outfit perfectly.’

    He further mentioned, ‘It was my second option. I’m grateful to be here, man. I’m in character. Sea captain for the day.’

    Moreover, the four-time NBA champion also dropped his championship ring while high-fiving the Warriors.

    Fortunately, he found it on the street.

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