Huzurabad by-poll: BJP, Congress plan to hold big political meetings on Sept 17

Hyderabad: The political campaigning is going on in view of the Huzurabad by-election but the oncoming occasion of September 17 – the day when the Nizam Hyderabad was merged with the Indian Union – will see a charged up political atmosphere in the state.

The BJP and Congress are planning to hold big political meetings on this occasion.

The BJP announced a meeting in Nirmal on September 17 as the day of salvation and liberty to be attended by the Indian Home Minister Amit Shah.

On the same day, the Congress Pradesh President Revanth Reddy has announced a mega meeting of 1 lakh Dalits and Girijans in the constituency of the Chief Minister KCR which shall be attended by the Rajya Sabha opposition leader and a prominent National Dalit leader Mallikarjun Kharge. This meeting shall be the conclusion of a series of Girijans and Dalit meetings across the Telangana state.

The objects of these meetings are different in nature but they are enough to charge up the political atmosphere of the state.

The BJP’s Amit Shah meeting, as well as the Congress show of power in the Chief Minister’s constituency, are part of the next coming assembly election.

Due to Huzurabad’s by-election, the political atmosphere in the state is already charged up.

The TRS ministers under the charge of Harish Rao are camping in Huzurabad to ensure their candidate’s victory in the election.

The leftist parties like CPI and CPM and others have also announced programs to hoist the Indian flag on the occasion of September 17 to pay homage to the martyrs of the armed struggle.

The BJP is demanding to celebrate September 17 officially across the Telangana state.

It is to be noted that on September 17, 1948, the former Hyderabad State was merged in the Indian Union after a military action ordered by the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The Congress had launched the Dalits and Girijans’ meetings from August 9 – the date of the Quit India Movement.

The Congress has released in its Gajwel public meeting a charge sheet of failures of the KCR government during the last 7 years as it has failed to fulfill the promises made to the Dalits and the scheduled tribes.

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