How to Cultivate Water Fleas With Used Vegetable Capital & Proven Success

    How to Cultivate Water Fleas – Did you know, it turns out that many are raising water fleas to be used as natural food for fish.

    Especially young fish or commonly known as fry, especially freshwater fish such as betta fish, guppies, molly fish, catfish seeds, gourami, tilapia and so on. Interestingly, you do not need to spend a large amount of capital for the cultivation of water fleas.

    Water fleas are the best natural food because of their high protein content (about 66 percent), but their low fat content (6 percent) makes them excellent for growing fish.

    For those of you who are interested in raising water fleas, here are the steps you can apply.

    Types of Water Fleas

    There are 2 types of water fleas in general, namely Daphnia and Moina. Both are types of small shrimp. Because of their small size, they are called water fleas.

    There are some differences between the two, even though they are of the same type. To make it easier for us to distinguish, here are the differences, namely:

    • Daphnia: Daphnia is a type of water flea that is often found in floating freshwater, with a temperature of around 210C. Daphnia clear or transparent, daphnia is also a type of water fleas commonly cultivated.
    • Moina: Moina is a type of water flea that is often found in waters that contain a lot of organic matter, such as mosses that have a lot of moss and rotting wood. From its appearance, Moina is a type of water flea that has a reddish color.

    From the water flea content, it turns out that the protein content is quite high, around 66% with 6% fat content. Therefore, water fleas are very good for the growth and development of birds.

    Steps and Methods of Cultivating Water Fleas

    Steps and Methods of Cultivating Water Fleas

    For those of you who are curious about how to cultivate water fleas, let’s see how to cultivate water fleas below.

    1. Get Seeds

    To get seeds, you can do 3 ways, first you can search for yourself, second you can make your own, third you can buy it.

    If you’re looking for water fleas, you can find water fleas in ditches or drains with standing water. If you want to make it, you can use ingredients from rotten vegetables, milk or tea, and soybean pulp.

    Notice 2 of the 3 ways that have been mentioned, is the way you can do it now. Because to get it is not difficult and does not spend money.

    2. Preparing the Container

    The container that will be used for the treatment of water fleas is a container that has a width and length that is not too high. Because water fleas do not need deep water, but need a large place to live.

    Usually for the cultivation of water fleas using a tub made of concrete. In addition, if you have an unused or damaged refrigerator, it can also be used as a water fleas container.

    If you just try to use the bucket media. The size of the container will determine how many ticks you will get.

    If water lice feed for living water, then adjust how much water the water lice are given.

    3. Preparing the Seeds

    For the preparation of seeds as described above, you can use free materials, such as chicken manure, wilted vegetables, wastewater. The following is the method of the materials above, namely:

    Chicken manure is one of the basic ingredients that you can get for free. You just need to put it in a container and leave it for a few days.

    In addition to chicken manure, you also need tea and powdered milk that is brewed first. The container that has been put in chicken manure is mixed with tea and powdered milk that has been brewed first and then left for several days.

    After a few days of mixing, the water will turn green, a sign that algae is starting to grow, and water fleas will start to appear.

    If you think it’s been a while and the water has turned green but the seeds aren’t showing, then you can put the water flea starter you bought in a container. Can make water fleas breed faster.

    With wastewater is one of the most effective ways you can do in the cultivation of water fleas.

    When you want to do this, you just need to put the waste water and mud in the container, and let it sit for a few days until the flea seeds appear.

    To make the fleas multiply faster, you can put the water flea starter you bought in a container.

    To get rid of lice faster, you can use wilted vegetables. One of the rotten vegetables that carries water fleas the fastest is cabbage.

    The first step of the cabbage medium, which is washing the cabbage that you got the first time, cleans it from dirt. Then put the cabbage in a container that has been provided for water fleas, let stand for about 1 week.

    The container should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this will damage the water flea seeds.

    4. Pay Attention to Water

    Aquaculture, you also need to pay attention to water as the main medium for breeding ticks. The type of water used is usually old water, sediment from water that no longer flows.

    To get old water is quite easy, you just need to put water in a container and leave it until the dirt contained in the water drops to the bottom of the cultivation container.

    Just as you use cabbage as a medium to get aphid seeds, the water from the sediment that is put in the cabbage will turn green to green from the cabbage droppings.

    If left unchecked, the cabbage droppings will fall off and the water will clear again, which is when the beet-flea seeds will appear to emerge. This method will work in the same way as any other material.

    Water flea seeds will be visible after the dirt settles and the water becomes clear again. You can also close or leave the container open once all the ingredients have been put inside.

    But there is an impact if you leave the container open, it will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and mosquito larvae, and it will be especially good if you need lots of natural food for the birds.

    What you need to pay attention to is sunlight, because the container must be avoided and should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because it will damage the breeding process for water fleas.


    Thus the lesson on how to cultivate water fleas correctly so that the harvest is abundant, which we can convey, hopefully it can be useful for all of you.

    Thank you for studying with us and see you in our next article.

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