How has the sports sector in the USA been evolving lately?

    Continuous improvement in training, healthy diet, and medicine prolonged the athlete’s career. Just 20 years ago, it was unheard of to see players being at the top of the game in their late 30s. Lately, Tom Brady has played a pivotal role for 44 years, and Steph Curry, as a veteran point guard, has the best playoff performances.

    Technology created new ways of watching sports and training. But, before we see smart stadiums with hologram displays, let’s look at the current trends that are evolving in US sports.

    Betting is embraced

    Major American sports leagues had issues with betting, and you couldn’t legally bet on the NFL or NBA for the longest time. But, lately, most high-profile American sports embraced sports betting, increased the TV ratings, and drew new fans to already huge fanbases.

    The best Sportsbook in the US now lists thousands of events, so you can bet on Sunday games and watch Red Zone with more anticipation.

    New incredible stadiums

    American sport is somewhat different from the rest of the world. While in Europe, clubs are chained to the community, US sports franchises can move from Oakland to Las Vegas or from St. Louis to LA. It was unpopular initially, but if we see a new multi-billion-dollar arena for Las Vegas Raiders, the move was justified.

    LA Sofi stadium had a tremendous cost of over $4 billion, but this state-of-the-art arena in the LA Compton area revitalized the formerly notorious part of the town. New stadiums in the US drive enormous revenue and are state-of-the-art architectural accomplishments.

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    Technology improved training

    If you had an Achilles injury a few decades ago, it probably meant the end of your career or stardom. However, even the worst injuries can be overcome with new medical procedures. For example, Golden State Warriors Klay Thomson had a consecutive career-threatening injury in the last 30 months, and he plays in the NBA finals.

    Along with medicine, advanced technology is making the training process more efficient. For example, players can have multiple sensors while training that provide enormous data. Based on that data, athletes can improve training sessions, and coaches can fine-tune the training and tactics and prepare for the upcoming challenges more efficiently.

    Sensors, advanced cameras, and other on-field equipment help coaching staff but also contribute to improved broadcasts with in-depth real-time statistics. For example, now you can see how much soccer players ran or how many tackles Aaron Donald had in the third quarter.

    NCAA athletes are getting paid

    College sports are almost equal to professional sports in terms of popularity, fan engagement, and coaching staff getting paid. Athletes were, however, scrutinized and had to play without compensation. This is now being changed, and an interim policy is being inducted. Athletes will receive compensation for the use of their names and image. Now they can earn money, so if significant injury stifles professional career opportunities, they can have something for it.

    Podcast explosion

    Sportscasters are among the most viewed sporting programs in the US, with shows like First Take or Undisputed attracting millions to major networks. However, players and former players are now forming new media with podcast shows that seem more authentic, and they draw huge crowds themselves. The prime example is the Draymond Green show, a controversial podcast during the NBA finals.

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