How Did Salvo Nicosia Die? Fashion Model Passed Away at 52 Due to Heart Attack, Death – Obituary

    One of the well-known fashion models and the head of communications of Alberts Ferretto, Salvo Nicosia sadly passed away at the age of 51. It is upsetting to hear about the passing of the popular Instagram model who is also known the as world’s most popular The Bearded Publicist. He was a unique popular figure in the industry of fashion and appeared at several fashion events. According to the sources, Nicosia took his last breath in Milan on Thursday night, after spending his last few days in hospital, according to his close friends.

    The founder of the Aeffe Group, Alberta Ferretti said,” I am deeply saddened by Salvo’s death, a person with whom I have shared so many important moments in the recent years. For me and for our company as a whole, this is an extremely dramatic human. In the moment of sadness, our most sincere thoughts go to Salvo’s family. We will always carry him in our hearts with immense affection”. Alberta Ferretti is a creative director of the eponymous brand.

    How Did Salvo Nicosia Die?

    Since the passing of the fashion personality went viral, his loved and close ones have been paying tributes and expressing their deep condolence to him on social media. It is upsetting to hear about the passing of a beloved social media personality who has gained immense popularity in the world. According to the sources, Salvo Nicosia died due to heart attack.

    The Sicilian-born Salvo Nicosia joined the Aeffe Group in 2019 as VIP and also the celebrities relations director for Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and Pollini, operating from the headquarters in London. Along with this, he was also appointed as a communications director of the Alberta Ferretti and Pollini Collections. The company released a statement,” The Aeffe Group is saddened to announce the premature and dramatic passing of Salvo Nicosia”.

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    Who Was Salvo Nicosia?

    After his news of passing went viral, his fans and loved ones left a wave of comments on his Instagram account. He spent his eight years of career at powerhouse agency Karla Otto, who ended up as their celebrity major-domo and events vice president. He achieved respect and love during his career in his industry and gained the love of millions of people around the world.

    In the final days of his life, he returned to his homeland in Italy where he was living in Milan. He studied political science and International Relations at Cesare Alfieri in Florence before moving to Miln in the search of work. He also spent his decades in Dolce & Gabbana, and Anteprima. The fashion blogger had worked with some popular personalities in his career and achieved a huge peek. He will be always remembered by his family and friends.

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