Horse Running Behind An Ambulance Viral Video When His Sister Is Taken to Hospital

    There are a number of videos surfacing on Social Media platforms nowadays. But most of the videos are carrying violence, substance, and intimating videos of different people. Most of the videos even started trending on the Internet and fetched a significant amount of viewers each day. But among all these disturbing videos an extremely emotional video is making its space on the web. The video is making all of its viewers overwhelmed. However, the video does not even feature any kind of inappropriate content still it is trending on all social networking sites. Get more information on the latest running horse video.

    As we mentioned above that the video isn’t centre on a person even if it is focusing on a horse who is running behind an ambulance as the ambulance is carrying the sister of the horse who is in critical condition. The video surfacing on the Internet has been recorded and posted by an Indian forest Service Officer named Susanta Nanda on his personal Twitter account who even caption the video with “This horse ran behind the ambulance taking his sick sister to the veterinary hospital in Udaipur, India.”

    The horse ran to the hospital while his sister was getting hospitalized by Ambulance. However, the sad story got a happy end as the hospital gets agreed to keep the horse along with her sister until she received her treatment. The video is spreading on the Internet like a wildfire and netizens are giving emotional reactions to the video. It is getting widely spread on some significant social networking sites enhancing the popularity of the video. The video is expressing the love of the animals and some of the people from the animal welfare association say that animals have equal feelings to humans.

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    As we mentioned above that whoever watched the video gets incredibly disheartened seeing the extreme care of the horse for the sister horse. The entire incident took place in Udaipur, India and was recorded by an Indian Forest Officer named Susanta Nanda and posted to Twitter.

    The video is featuring a horse chasing an ambulance and taking his sister to the hospital. He chased the Ambulance to the hospital and was determined to stay with her sister until she got recovered. The hospital staff agreed with the decision of the horse and allowed him to stay along with his sister. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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