“Her cakes are cute, I love to eat …” – Netizen

    Video Birthday Party of Anak Hanis Zalikha, Yusuf Iskandar Managed by Hanis Siblings. Wah Syoknya Yusuf Ada Pakcik Dan Makcik Yang Kreatif Macam Ni. Deko Dessert Tu Paling Wow. Very festive !!

    Yusuf Iskandar, the eldest son of Hanis Zalikha and Hairul Azreen, is now 6 years old. From the time Yusuf was a baby until now, Yusuf is one of the children of celebrities who have many followers of their own.

    Before this, Hanis shared a picture of Yusuf with his 6th birthday cake. On Instagram, Yusuf also shared a video of Hanis with Hairul and Alisa making surprise birthday to Joseph there is uploaded.

    Reviewing Hanis Zalikha’s Instagram account, a video was shared showing the preparations and birthday party for Yusuf. What’s interesting, birthday party this time it was all managed by the Hanis siblings.

    From decorations, to food dishes, dessert as well as games for children are all arranged quite perfectly. Hanis also showed one by one the faces of his siblings along with the tasks they did.

    Let’s watch the video below:

    Until now, posting by Hanis this has already got over 24 thousand likes from fans. Among the fan comments:

    “Bebdk is very happy. Masa bwk blik invitation card, chantiq siap ckp, ma Besday yusof. I want to go, can I? Haziq sume excited .. tq jemput .. “

    ”Masya Allah everything re so cute. function ter0k siblings like this, power all Hanis siblings are creative .. “

    “If it’s like this, I, who have grown up, want to join. The cake is cute, I love to eat it .. “

    ” Ni namanya siblings multifunction. Follow you mom’s blog when they were kids, and now so cute they create Yusuf’s bday.. “

    “Lucky Yusuf and Alisa, may they be pious and pious children. Opah, pray for Yusuf and Alisa to be blessed with good health and safety for all time …”

    “Aa everyone work together, bestnya. Look so fun, bud4k-bud4k must like it. Not satisfied watching the video, part 2 please .. “

    “The party was so cute, soo happening. From the beginning to the musical, very, very happy. Tq uncle Hairul and aunty Hanis invited the boys .. “

    It’s not just the bud4k-bud4k who are having fun, the adults who watch are also ger4m. Joseph’s aunt and uncle excited can greet with little friends. Whatever, happy always Joseph and keep cheerful okay.

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    Source: IG Hanis Zalikha

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