Heartless Zimbabwean Maid Abusing South African Baby On Camera Video Explained!

    Nowadays, there is a viudeo getting viral therein a woman is abusing a toddler. This vidoe has sought the attention of the people froma ll across the world. In the viral video, the woman in the viral video is seeming to be a Zimbabwean and abusing a South African child. The women in the video has been expressed be a maid who is abusing the baby of her owner while she was responsibly given the job of taking care of the child. This video has been circulated on the internet to such a scale that the video has become viral. People are giving sad and disrespectful comments to the viral video. This vidoe has been disseminated on various platforms of social media.

    People are erupting their wrath in the comment section of this video as they are finding this vidoe to be a wrath generating in the concern of the little child. As far as the identity of the maid except for her name “Claris Chitauro.” On the account of the video, people are showing their wrath for the discussed maid and calling her to be heartless. People are wondering to know about Claris Chitauro if she has been arrested by the South African Police so far. However, it is being said that she has been sacked off her job from the house of the child and she might be working at the house of someone else.

    Who is Claris Chitauro?

    She is a maid or caretaker in South Africa. She is a Zimbawean woman who has been viral on the internet after her video therein she is making a child cry. As far as her personal identity is discussed, it is unclear as of now. More details with respedct to Claris Chitauro will be updated as soon as possible.

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    There is a video getting viral that is beion g associated with a Zimbabwean maid. In the video, she is caught abusing a toddler who does not even has the wisdom to understand these words. She is a maid of a South African child and abusing him in the video. On the account of this vidoe, people are demading the police of South Africa to arrest her. The name of the woman in the viral vidoe is Claris Chitauro according to the sources on social media. She is abusing the child and the child is crying. She is not doing her job and making the child cry with her aggression when she is unable to maker the baby stop crying.

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