(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Praised For Expressing His Anger Against Men In Their Viral Clip Attacking Women

    (G)I-DLE member Shuhua is being lauded for its stance on violence against women.

    Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_ / Instagram

    Recently a clip went viral in which some Chinese men attacked a group of women for not replying to their advances.

    A group of men assaulted a woman at a restaurant in Tangshan China. A man is shown walking up to a woman’s desk and begins to touch the woman in white while talking to her. When she pushes him away, he starts attacking her, and then throws a chair at another woman who tries to help her. A video clip of the attack went viral on Weibo, and has come under fire.

    — @Kingtangnim10/Twitter

    For this, (G)I-DLE member Shuhua condemned the attack and comforted the victim on his Weibo account.

    | Shuhua Weibo Account

    To all of you beautiful girls, I’m sorry that I couldn’t bear your pain, fear and grievances but now what matters is that you live well and heal with time. Besides, believe me, everyone will fight for your justice. There was no reason to show mercy to bastards like them. I just hope you can see the warmth in your misfortune.

    — Shuhua

    The idol then addresses the men and their cowardly attacks on the women.

    Also, I can’t understand it. This is something any educated or even uneducated animal should know. If you have a brain, how can you not understand? You were born as a human, so please act like that. Don’t lower human standards. But you don’t even deserve to be human. Although I don’t know if a bastard like you can understand me, bastard, listen up. If it weren’t for you maliciously hurting others, we wouldn’t have to protect ourselves. Stop blaming the victim. I’m fed up with trash. It makes me sick to know they are alive and breathing. The authorities have to keep their eyes wide open. You don’t have to show them mercy!

    — Shuhua

    When a fan expressed concern over an idol speaking out, Shuhua told that she wasn’t afraid to use her voice for what she believed in.

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    The Weibo post, has gone viral in Korea, and Koreans are praising Shuhua for her strong stand.

    • 501. Shuhua is even more mature than I thought~
    • 502. Shuhua’s writing is very clear and well thought out. I love it.
    • 503. Shuhua is cool, and I like him because he is so strong.
    • 504. At times like this, the Joan Of Arc side of her INFP personality shines
    • 505. I like his clear demeanor.
    • 506. Makes me like him even more…
    • 507. So cool (emoticons)
    • 509. Shuhua seemed like a person who never wavered in his morals. So cool.
    • 510. So cool.

    Source: Theqoo and Wickettree

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