Free Fire Indonesia National Team Takes Top Position in 2021 SEA Games Group Stage standings

    The 2021 SEA Games took place lively and fiercely this past Sunday. Not only coming from ordinary sports, we were also surprised by reports from Indonesian esports fighters. The latest news comes from the Free Fire Indonesia national team, which has topped the SEA Games 2021 group stage standings. Which teams managed to occupy that position? Let’s follow the news Gamedaim Esports following.

    Exactly on May 13, 2021 yesterday, Indonesia had the opportunity to come face to face with our neighboring country, namely Thailand. Each country brings 2 representative teams to fight for the Gold medal in the arena. In the 7 matches that took place, each team managed to give fierce resistance and devote their respective abilities.

    Free Fire Indonesia National Team Wins 3 Times in 7 Matches Against Thailand

    Free Fire Indonesia National Team Dominate SEA Games Group Stage 2021 | Gamedaim

    Fortunately, the struggle of our country’s team paid off after successfully winning the match with 3x Booyah. Now, it is reported that the Free Fire Indonesia national team has managed to occupy the top position in the 2021 SEA Games group stage standings with Thailand only occupying the second position. Not only that, the Indonesia 2 team also apparently managed to fight for the third position on the Group Stage standings.

    According to the list of match points we obtained, both Indonesian teams have each scored above 100 points. To be more precise, Indonesia 1 has 139 points and Indonesia 2 has 102 points. Not only Indonesia who fought hard, Thailand also managed to provide a very promising game performance through 104 points in this group stage.

    Free Fire Indonesia National Team Dominate the 2021 SEA Games Group Stage

    Here’s the list BOYAAH!! from each country in the Free Fire SEA Games 2021 group stage:

    • Round 1 – Bermuda : Indonesia 1
    • Round 2 – Kalahari : Indonesia 1
    • Ronde 3 – Purgatory : Thailand 1
    • Round 4 – Bermuda : Indonesia 2
    • Ronde 5 – Kalahari: Thailand 2
    • Ronde 6 – Purgatory : Thailand 1
    • Ronde 7 – Kalahari: Thailand 1

    The struggle of the two Free Fire Indonesia national teams to compete for two gold medals at the 2021 SEA Games is of course still very long. However, with their victory, we know that it can open up a great opportunity for teams from other match numbers to join the fight. Just a reminder that the Final Free-Fire match will start on May 15 today. So don’t you miss it.

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