Fans Blast Lisa Rinna After Posting TikTok Video Featuring Her Husband


    Lisa Rinna.

    Lisa Rinna has had a starring role on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” since the show’s fifth season, which premiered in 2014. As fans are aware, the reality television star often shares videos of herself dancing on social media. For instance, on April 2, 2022, Rina posted a TikTok video that showed her dancing to the song “As It Was” by Harry Styles in her backyard while her husband, Harry Hamlin, pruned a bougainvillea bush. The couple’s dogs can also be seen in the video.

    On April 3, 2022, a Reddit user shared Rinna’s TikTok video on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. 

    “I’m obsessed with domesticated Harry Hamlin appearances lmao,” read the caption. 

    Several Bravo fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share their opinions on the video. 

    “Nice calming music, and LR dancing like a fool. Ruins the whole vibe,” wrote a commenter

    “She is so tedious,” added another

    “She’s such a try hard 🙄 who watches this?! (no shade OP 😘),” shared a Bravo star.

    “I enjoy seeing a woman dance and enjoy herself… but i dont like seeing THIS woman dance and enjoy herself lmao,” chimed in a fourth person

    Some Reddit users also commented on Hamlin’s calm demeanor in the video. 

    “I am envious of his ability to completely ignore her existence,” wrote an “RHOBH” fan

    “He’s got a really good poker face. He always looks so over her s***. I am intrigued with the dynamic of their relationship. Are they lovers, friends, business partners? Or is just another project he’s working on to make ends meet?” added another

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    “Yeah i think the years of her screeching have really created a mute button in his mind that he presses and he is like fine,” commented a different Bravo viewer

    “God, if I was her husband; I’d ignore her too,” shared another

    Harry Hamlin Shared He Liked Lisa Rinna’s Dancing Videos in 2019

    During a December 2019 interview on “The Jenny McCarthy Show,”  Hamlin shared that he is a fan of his wife’s dancing videos. He explained that he was unaware of the videos until an interviewer notified him of the clips. 

    “Somebody on one of these shows showed me her dancing the other day and all I could say was when I get home I insist that she does that naked,” quipped the actor. 

    Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Spoke About Their Relationship in 2022

    During a joint March 2022 People magazine interview, Rinna and Hamlin spoke about their relationship. The couple, who have been married for 25 years, shared the attributes they most like about each other. 

    “She’s sweet and empathetic and I think being empathetic is one of the great characteristics that a human being can have, so there’s a lot of empathy here,” stated Hamlin. 

    Rinna chimed in that she appreciated her husband’s “intellect.”  

    “I think it’s great to be with someone who is so smart. I do, I think that it’s really great. I really respect him, I like who he is as a person, he’s a really kind, good man,” stated the mother of two. 

    Rinna also noted that the couple “have nothing in common.” 

    “I mean we are kind people, I think in general, we are both kind-hearted and kind. But we have nothing in common,” said the Bravo personality. 

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