Family pledge to get people thinking about how to strengthen ties at home

    SINGAPORE – The Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships launched its SG Family Pledge on Tuesday (April 26) to get Singaporeans to commit to acts that boost family ties.

    The pledge goes: “I pledge and commit to strengthen my family bonds by:

    • listening to one another
    • making time for one another
    • showing love, care and concern for one another
    • respecting one another, especially when resolving our differences
    • appreciating and affirming our family members
    • supporting one another through good and bad times.”

    Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Social and Family Development who leads the Alliance, said the pledge aims to focus attention on the importance of family relationships, and to get individuals to think about how they can each contribute to strengthening their family ties.

    The Alliance brings together community partners and Singaporeans to find ways to strengthen and support marriages and family relationships. The Ministry of Social and Family Development has also designated 2022 as the Year of Celebrating Singapore Families.

    Ms Sun said the pledge can be said at suitable events, such as during the National Family Week in June, which will involve a series of events to celebrate the importance of family bonding.

    The community partners in the Alliance will also help to promote the pledge among the communities they reach out to, she said.

    Ustaz Ahmad Khushairi Abidin, head of youth and family Development at Darul Ghufran Mosque, said: “We will share the pledge with our community and encourage couples through our marriage programmes to pledge their commitment and support to each other.”

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    People can also make their pledge at this website.

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